New models - Dan J
I was wondering what happens to the last of the old models when a manufacturer brings out a new model. E.g. Vauxhall will have the new Vectra out in several months time - are there likely to be bargains to be had with the last of the current model? Were cheap Mk II Mondeos available immediately prior to the new model launch?
Re: New models - Gary (
Vauxhall will undoubtedly make the older models more attractive by introducing marketing programmes ie cashback incentives, registration allowances etc. Some dealers may not tell you about these marketing programmes in order that they reap the reward and maximise their own profits.
Re: New models - Dan J
As a matter of interest, I take it you will be aware of any deals that Vauxhall introduce towards the end of the current Vectra's lifecycle?
Re: New models - Honest John
The current Vectra is already a cut price motor. It has to be for Vauxhall to sell any of them.

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Re: New models - MPA
Think the old Mondeo roll out was handled quite well but there were some cheap Veronas around.

Latest Focus change seems to be very well controlled, very few old ones around.

Audi also handled A4 model change well by cutting list prices to what they were being discounted at anyway.

Guess it all depends...
Re: New models - Stuart B
Eg Vauxhall has far too much stock of 2001MY Corsa Comforts at the moment so is trying to offload them with £1500 ish off list price plus 0% and so on.

Surely this has gone on for ages, eg Pug 405s towards the intro of the 406 were loaded with all sorts of stuff, I believe fairly early to include aircon as standard just as an axample.
Re: New models - Carole
Yes, that's how come I got suckered into a lovely Xsara coupe with airconclimatecontrolvelourupholsterytemperaturedisplayrainsensitivewiperscd
cargonetelectricjustabouteverythingandhandylittleshelftorestyourfooton, and all for a ridiculously low price. (They just didn't mention self-illuminating airbag lights, frequent self-operating engine resting periods, self-removing bolts and self-adjusting rear view mirror.) You see, Citroen know: appeal to the shallow and materialistic side of people, blind them to the reality of it all, then sneak the new model out!

(Actually, David W., I quite like it now!)
Re: New models - MPA
thought Peugeot had to discount 406s from day 1?

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