Grand Voyager CRD 'rocker problems' - merlinauto
A colleague of mine had a loss of water on his way to work on Monday in his Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.5 CRD (2002, 68k mile).

It came to his attention when the heater went cold. Having topped up with water he carried on to work. A brief look under the bonnet made him think that the water pump was leaking.

When he last saw the vehicle is was running OK.

The vehicle is now at a Chrysler dealer. He has been told by the dealer that:
1. The vehicle would not start when taken off the recovery truck.
2. The water pump bearing and/or timing belt tensioner has failed and has caused the belt to jump some teeth.
3. This has not caused any bent valves as this engine is a non-interference' type.
4. However there are 8 damaged rocker arms which need replacing.

The belt could have jumped teeth while it was being manovered at the dealers premises but no one is admitting this.

Is anyone familiar with this engine? Is what has been described possible? I would have thought that the only way rockers could get damaged under these circumstances is if a piston has hit a valve and the force has been transferred upto the rocker/cam assembly.

The dealer is asking big money for this repair.

Any comments gratefully received.
Grand Voyager CRD 'rocker problems' - storme
cant really help you..but it sounds like a load of pink fluffy dice...
they did something ,,and they're not telling you

stick to your guns and REALLY threaten to complain,,,papers radio etc
good luck
Grand Voyager CRD 'rocker problems' - martint123
If it is non-interference then neither valves or rockers will be damaged. Why was it on a recover truck? Why didn't he drive it to the dealer if he said it was driveable?
Grand Voyager CRD 'rocker problems' - mfarrow
Some engines (I forget which manufacturer) are designed so that the rockers will buckle before any valves are bent, thereby eliminating the need to remove the head. Maybe this is what they mean by non-interference? How much money are they asking for this job?
Grand Voyager CRD 'rocker problems' - Crinkly Dave
I am not familar with the engine, but does the "D" signify "diesel"
If it does, the compression ratio definetely means the valves will hit the pistons.
Used to happen quite often on the old Ford York engine, and meant new rockers, but the rest of the engine survived.
Grand Voyager CRD 'rocker problems' - Aprilia
This *is* a Diesel engine so valves *will* hit pistons. Rockers have broken because of this. If this is the only damage then think yourself lucky.
Grand Voyager CRD 'rocker problems' - merlinauto
Thanks for the information. This is a common rail diesel engine.

It was moved by transporter because we work in Cambridgeshire and he lives in Sussex. The owner wanted the work done by his 'trusted' local dealer. The quoted cost for this rebuild is over £2000. Ouch.

At these prices I would be inclined to put in an engine from an accident-damaged vehicle.

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