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Narrow garages - Marman
Is it my imagination or do these garages on newly-built houses get narrower and narrower. There was a Clio the other day parked outside a garage on a new housing estate the garage door was open and I lined the wing mirrors up with the garage sides and it would be a very tight fit indeed it would only just make the garage door opening. Now the Clio by anyones imagination is not the widest of cars how on earth does a larger car fit in these garages is beyond me. You might be able to drive in, but can you get out? Also the older one gets the more space needed to maneovre while getting out as the joint don't move too easy as one gets older.
Re: Narrow garages - El Dingo (Martin)
See the thread 'Cars getting bigger'!
Re: Narrow garages - Marman
Thanks El Dingo for pointing it out did not connect cars getting bigger with garages getting smaller. supposed I should have done my daily look through the posts first.
Re: Narrow garages - Derek
I agree with that one. My house is 50 years old and the garage is big enough for a Ford Pop - just. When we bought it the estate agent reversed his Capri with ball hitch into it and the car stuck out 6 inches from the door. He could get out of it - just. Needless to say, we've never parked a car in it!
Re: Narrow garages - Mazza
You are absolutely right about this. I have a 2 year old house with integral garage and will have problems getting out in a few years. Don't these house designers consider the over 30's with executive spread !?

I am having to get electric folding wing mirrors on my new BMW compact as when I brought it home on a test drive it was a very tight squeeze. I would be OK getting the car in and out but not so confident with the (newly passed) wife!!
Re: Narrow garages - El Dingo (Martin)
As my wife doesn't read HJ,s 'back room', I can afford to say that she'd have no chance getting her A80 in the garage! When she had a Polo, the only way I could avoid replacing the bumper every three weeks was to hang a ping-pong ball from the roof. 'Stop when the ball hits the screen in front of your face!'.
Re: Narrow garages - peter
Learnt the lesson the hard way 25 years ago. Bought a 30s semi with what appeared to a reasonable garage, and parked inside was the owners largish Audi ? Estate. I assumed that garage would suffice for my Imp/ Herald/Viva Van at the time.

Having moved in I came to the conclusion that he must have climbed out thro the tailgate or sunroof. I asked a neighbour about it and discovered that only time the car had been put in the garage was when he was selling the house!
Re: Narrow garages - Brian
A house which I used to go past on the way to work in a previous job used to make me smile as the garage door was always half way down with 3 feet of Roller sticking out of it.
Re: Narrow garages - Ian Cook
Regarding modern garage dimensions, do builders think that people put cars in them? Nearly every garage I've seen is full of junk and garden tools etc.

Remember the the tornado at Bognor a couple of years ago? The film of the garages with their roofs blown off. Not a car in sight!


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