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Wipers don't return - Mk3 Fiesta - Porky
Hi, I've just bought a Mk3 Fiesta and the front window wipers don't return to the original position when I turn them off, they just stop where they are when I switch them off. Any ideas would be grateful.

Wipers don't return - Mk3 Fiesta - Peter D
The wiper motor has two power feeds, a switched one from the wiper switch and a permanent ignition on feed switch via a pair of contacts keeps the motor running after you have turn them off until the motor arm reaches the correct position. Either the feed is missing, a dodgy connection, or most likely is the contacts have burnt out inside the wiper motor. Hope that helps. Regards Peter
Wipers don't return - Mk3 Fiesta - Porky
Peter, thanks for the info. I've just found out that when the wipers are put onto position II (fast) they stop. So they work OK on position I (but don't return to the original position), works OK on intermittent and stops completely on position II. Does this look more like the motor? Is the Mk3 motor the same as a Mk2?

Thanks, P
Wipers don't return - Mk3 Fiesta - mfarrow
Does it stop in the right place on intermittant?

Posistion 2 (fast) is connected at a seperate place on the motor. Presumably this is on another lot of windings on the stator. Concequently the lack of position 2 sounds like an unrelated problem.

Have you access to a multimeter so you can check that power's getting to the motor on all 3 positions?
Wipers don't return - Mk3 Fiesta - Porky
Yes they do return to the original position on Intermittent. I put it onto this position before switching the wipers off. This is the only way I can get the wipers to the original position.
Wipers don't return - Mk3 Fiesta - mfarrow
Hi, I haven't got the wiring diagram with me, but it sounds like it's a similar setup to the Escort. I presume you hear a relay click off just as the wipers come to rest? This is the intermittant relay switching off the 'switch' (as oppose to 'ignition') feed to the motor. This (I think) indicates that the switch which senses whether the motor is returned to it's position is working.

You'll have to (or get someone to) check with a multimeter whether there is an ignition feed to the motor, and whether all the other wires are working correctly.

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