Peugeot - Charles Heynes
I read somewhere that Peugeot did a complimentary oil-change at 10000 miles as the first scheduled oil-change on most models was at 20000 miles. Is this correct?
Re: Peugeot - Derek
Not according to my local dealer when I bought a petrol 206 for my wife. I confess to not reading the handbook yet, to check his comment, but he said 20,000 and they can do that "because modern semi-synthetic oils enable them to". That's as maybe, but I'll be doing intermediate oil changes anyway, just as I do on my 406 HDi (company car but I'm hoping to buy it at the end of the lease).
Re: Peugeot - miffy
My 98s 306TD is one of the first, I think, to go onto 10000mile services with complimentary level checks and top-ups at 5000 miles. Petrol engines are 20000miles with complimentary checks at 10000miles. HDis are something else!.

The rub is that the car is due an MOT (see previous thread) and I received a letter from the dealer offering me half-price MOT, 0% finance on any repairs (V reassuring) and cheap(er) servicing for older pugs on a 6000 mile interval schedule. I think it would be cheaper to stick to the schedule for "young" cars!!

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