Company Car Tax Changes - Edgie
Confusing or what....................
Re: Company Car Tax Changes - David Nicholls
yep that the idea.....supposed to be revenue neutral as i recall. HUH is all i can say to that. another hairbrained scheme dreamt up by a P&*t in Whitehall who gets the train to work, has NO IDEA waht it takes to drive 400 miles in a day, and see clients, and try to keep the boss happy, and do the paperwork, trying to keep the wheels of industry from seizing solid from the bureaucracy of it all.
in the vain beleif that all company cars drivers drive 18000 miles a year plus for the sheer hell of it all.......

mind you i think i would sooner keep my car and pay the tax than use the railways in their present condition.
Re: Company Car Tax Changes - Brian
Another Gordon special, deliberately vague on announcement, deferred so that it only a year after the budget that you find that you have been well and truly stuffed!
Re: Company Car Tax Changes - robert
Although I totally disagree with what Gordon has done (I was an 18,000+ mile user), there is no way that the Gov't can be accused of keeping it quiet. Its been in the press, all the car mags for at least 18 months now - to allow people to do something about it. I've opted out and bought a car as have many other people in this category - but there is no way that the we can say we didn't know!
Re: Company Car Tax Changes - Honest John
I've just asked Martyn to add four useful links to the site's FAQ answer about this (FAQ 21). That will help clear up some of the confusion.

Re: Company Car Tax Changes - Vin
All very well and good to point out that it's been telegraphed for a while, but since most company cars are supplied for a three year period (and in my company four years) it's not really sufficient lead time.

As for the concept of penalising high (business) mileage drivers rather than perk drivers, that truly IS insane.
Re: Company Car Tax Changes - David Nicholls

whats sanity got to do with politics??? thought the two were mutually exclusive. my company have changed their policy, yes you guessed it 1 month after my new car on a 30 month lease arrived. like others the news wasn't hidden as such, but like ALL employees we can only do what we are allowed by our masters. if they dont pull their fingers out of their fat backsides, as many havent then what can we do.

i totally agree that the perk car v's job car argument will run and run. however, i cannot for the life of me see why if he wants fewer miles driven, and hence less CO2 emissions why by the Inland Revenues own figures MORE perk cars will be on the road to the tune of 100,000.

is it me or does this seem just daft. next we'll have bus lane on motorways

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