brava dash light and advice - bigc90210
hi all, i currently own a R reg fiat brava sx 1.4, and would like some advice

i was driving today and one of the lights next to the oil one came on, and i referred to my haynes manual but it doesnt say what it is, and i was wondering wether anyone else does.

its not the oil (oil can logo)
its not the indicators (obviously)
its not the battery (battery icon)
its not the key code one (lil yellow key icon
its not the handbrake one ( steering wheel icon)

its kinda a pipe thing with a spray of liquid, though i dont know wether its trying to indicate water or oil, and what about it.

also, its done 86,000 miles, and i want to get it serviced, iv only been driving it the last 1,000 miles, and the people i bought it from are pretty much cowboys. It needs to be able to drive long distances, so does anyone have any tips on main hardware that will need to be replaced/inspected?

iv also had a problem (since i got it) with it leaking oil, and my windows steaming. i took it back where i got it and they "sorted" the steaming window problem, though the oil is still there (i hate these cowboy people). all i want is a car that works!

many thanks in advance for any help you may have
brava dash light and advice - Crinkly Dave
Try filling up the windscreen and headlight washer bottles
brava dash light and advice - bigc90210
nah iv filled it to the top of its levels, though it could be a faulty sensor? il take a pic tonight
brava dash light and advice - ShereKhan
It might be the brake fluid or brake pad wear indicator light. On my old Fiat Uno the brake fluid was low so the handbrake light came on every now and again. On some Fiat's there is an indicator to warn you about brake pad wear.

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brava dash light and advice - bax
Is it the engine management light? Usually a simple yellow "engine shape". Sometimes comes on for a short spell when the engine is accelerating hard and not until it's up to operating temperature. bax
brava dash light and advice - David Horn
Possibly an injector warning light if it looks anything like the one on the MKIII Range Poser.

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