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Tagged Golf - PhiL P
Just spoke to a rather upset mate who discovered last night that some SOB has tagged the bonnet of his new silver Golf with what looks like spray paint.

He's desparate to get it removed by the weekend, but his VW dealer was as helpful as offering to book him in for a quote on Friday afternoon...

So can anyone advise what the best way to remove or cover this is in the short timespan available?

Would it just come off with a bit of T-cut and elbow grease?
Re: Tagged Golf - Dave N
I should try a bit of T cut sharpish, before it sets too hard. In theory the bonnet probably had a bit of dirt on it, so maybr it hasn't taken too much. Or maybe try one of those mobile chip people, they may have solvent wipes that will take it off. I know bodyshops use these for overspray.
Tagged Golf - David Lacey
Take it to a decent valeter or bodyshop. They will be able to remove this crud properly and without damage. It shouldn't cost much at all.[If at all??]
If you do, please be careful with thinners.


Re: Tagged Golf - Richard Hall
He could try cellulose thinners (available from Halfords), but test it on an area under the bonnet first to make sure it doesn't take the lacquer coat off the paintwork. I believe most aerosol paints are cellulose based.
Re: Tagged Golf - Ian Aspinall
Before he does any of this, make sure he takes a photo of it and shows it to the police - with any luck, they'll recognise the tag as being the handiwork of a particular graffiti 'artist'. I believe the Met Police here in London keep a database of these things, and others may well do so too.
Re: Tagged Golf - Bob H
What does "Tagged" mean in this context?
Re: Tagged Golf - paul
A badly sprayed 'autograph', normally a nickname or the like. London's tube trains covered with this c**p. Unusual on cars, though.
Re: Tagged Golf - PhiL P
Thanks all for your advice!

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