Alfa Spark Plug nightmare! - robert
I visited the Science Museum today. They have an interesting display of old cars and a number of cutaway engines - including the current 2.0 16v 4cyl and 3.0 24 V6 units.

My question is HOW on earth do you change the spark plugs - they appear to be burried at least 6" below the rocker cover.

I don't own an Alfa but was gobsmacked as to how difficult this apparently simple task appeared to be. How much would a dealer charge to do the change?

Any comments chaps?
Re: Alfa Spark Plug nightmare! - robert
Sorry chaps - I should have said that the cars and engines were Alfa Romeos!
Re: Alfa Spark Plug nightmare! - Steve G
I once owned a Alfa 155 with the 2.0 16v Twinspark engine.
Their are many good points with the twinspark engine - economy/sound/performance.
But the downside is replacing these plugs ,all 8 of them which Alfa charge £ 25.00 per plug + fitting.
Thankfully they are platinium coated and last for 60'000 miles.
So beware of buying a Alfa with the 60'000 mile service due ,the plugs alone will cost £ 200 !!
I sold my Alfa just as this service was due so never had the pleasure of fitting new plugs - sounds like i escaped lightly!
Re: Alfa Spark Plug nightmare! - Ian Cook

I must have a peek at my son's GTV 2L twin spark to address your question about access to plugs on the Alfa. However, back in the early seveties I had a Peugeot 404 with quite a clever crossflow head, having hemispherical combustion chambers, and with the valves operated by pushrods. The 404's plugs were buried deep in tubes in the rocker covers and were accessed by means of a special box spanner. I wonder if the Alfa is the same.


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