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Could somebody give me some advice on tyres please. In a few hundred miles, I am going to have to change all four tyres on my S60 R, My local dealer has given me three choices of tyre, Continental Contisport 2, Pirelli Pzero Rosso and Goodyear eagle F1. I don't know which one to choose, Please advise, I would like a tyre that lasts about 10k and handles really well in the wet. Thanks
Volvo S60 R. New Tyres - cheddar
Hi, I had Conti Sport II's on my Mondeo from new, lasted 25k front and rear, replaced with Conti Sports, i.e. not II's (they make both at the same time, just different tread patterns). Reckon they were just as good and lasted longer on the rear where the II's wore on the outside edges. Now on Bridgstone Potenzas which seem to be wearing a lot quicker.
Volvo S60 R. New Tyres - anzac
what do you mean your local dealers given you three choices!!! you choose mate, however ive got f1,s on my v70 t5 and there superb, far better than the previous pirreli,s however dont pay daft price i paid sixty quid each corner
Volvo S60 R. New Tyres - MGspannerman
I have had several sets of Goodyear Eagles (the directional types) on my Audi A6 and have been very pleased with them. I previously had a new pair of Pirellis fitted to the front last time round when I couldnt get get a like for like swap and noticed a distinct lack of grip on occasions. I suspect a harder rubber, but they wore out just as quickly. Mileage has been very satisfactory with the eagles, with over 20k from the fronts and more than double that from the rear tyres. Not bad for a big, heavy front drive car. I paid £55 each in early August. I would definitely go out of my way to get these tyres again.

Hope this helps, MGs
Volvo S60 R. New Tyres - SjB {P}
I run a Volvo V70 2.4T SE, currently equipped with OEM Pirelli P6000s. When I change them in a few thousand miles, my intention is to fit Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tyres as replacements. I find the P6000s 'okay', and certainly not a bad tyre, but they are amongst the noisiest (amplified no doubt because the car is otherwise so quiet), and they are too easy to break away in the wet.

Fellow Volvo enthusiasts I have either spoken to, or corresponded with over the web, driving everything from S60 2.0T to V70R models, have raved about how outstandingly competent this tyre is, including in the wet. These opinions seem to be borne out by reviews I've found on the web, too.

BTW, bro fitted P Zero Rossos to his V70, which lasted long enough for one trip round the block before they were worn out, and he's now gone back to P6000s simply because they are a known, low risk, entity. Sure enough, with the same driving pattern he's now more than fifty percent above the mileage at which the P Zeros wore out, and the P6000s have stacks of tread life left.
Volvo S60 R. New Tyres - cheddar
When I change them in a few thousand
miles, my intention is to fit Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tyres as replacements.

Note my comments above re Bridgestones, reckon the fronts are 30% worn after 4k miles where Conti's lasted over 25k.

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