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Hi, Would really appreciate some advice on the following.

I'm having to replace a x20DTL engine on my 1999/S 2.0 DI 16V. I'm replacing the fuel pump too (as this has broken) and want to know if I can get away with using a replacement engine with a fuel pump that has a slightly different code to the original one?

Will the electronic / power leads for the original pump match up with those for the replacement?

If not, is there a way round this problem?

The original fuel pump; Bosch 04570504003

Replacement fuel pump; Bosch 04570504004

Your help appreciated. Want to get back on the road for Xmas!

Astra - diesel pump interchangeability. - Astra_2.0_dti
Just replaced my Y20DTH with a new donor Y20DTH. The original fuel pump was used (it still worked) as I was told I would have to have it remapped by Vauxhall. I was told it would work but things like the emissions settings etc may be wrong. Not sure how much it would cost to remap. Best speaking to Vauxhall me thinks.

What happened to your old engine ? The turbo failed on mine, caused the engine to over-rev to destruction !



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