Rover 620Ti Head Gasket - 3Speed
I have a M plate 620 ti, mileage about 65k. Daily driver doesnt really get caned.

The head gasket is due for its 3rd Replacement (Under Warrenty), but what really concerns me is that ive heard reports that Rover are stating that the head has gone "SOFT" (their description, not mine) and although they will replace the gasket under warrenty, i will be required to buy and have fitted a new head (£600.00 for the head)

What i want to know is... Is this Rover trying to find a way around their obligation to replace the head gasket warrenty issue or is this a genuine technical issue (my local garage has never heard of it)

If it is genuine, what recourse do i have against rover for fitting sub standard parts ?? The reason for asking is if rover knows about this problem, and the information i have would indicate that they do, why has a product recall not been issued?

Many thanks

Rover 620Ti Head Gasket - Taps
Rover heads do suffer from this problem, so there not trying to pull the wool over your eyes.
Rover 620Ti Head Gasket - 3Speed
thanks taps

do you know whether i would have any recourse against rover or not ?
Rover 620Ti Head Gasket - Big Cat
I would suspect the head has probably warped, hence replacing the HG won't last very long.
Rover 620Ti Head Gasket - SjB {P}
Indeed, head gaskets are a weakness on this engine. Every one I've known (and I had one myself in a 420 GSI) has developed an oil weep down the front of the block as a minimum.

I also know of one that had a warped head, and this was successfully sorted by skimming at a local engineering works (cost about fifty quid) and fitting an extra thickness head gasket.
Rover 620Ti Head Gasket - DL
You're lucky to get this re-work done under warranty in my opinion!
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Rover 620Ti Head Gasket - Taps
I would say 3speed that your be un likely to get nothing out of Rover despite them knowing there's a problem.
Rover 620Ti Head Gasket - Civic8
Sorry where does warranty come into it..Unless you paid for extended warranty..I very much doubt it will be have no recourse.optional warranty/insurance will only cover certain points.and to a certain value.anything above this point is down to you to cover costs.As I recall it was mentioned engine is no more prone to HGF than any other car.either way unless you paid for extra warranty/insurance breakdown.Rover will not cover..Bear in mind its about 10 years old
Rover 620Ti Head Gasket - DL
I guess it is down to a parts warranty claim, not a vehicle warranty claim.
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