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I've recently bought a used '99 Galaxy from a trader. It looks like it's been a Ford Direct car and consequently all the usual bits are missing. I can live without the carmats but would like to get a hold of a spare key (one that will also function the immobiliser/alarm).
Initially, whilst trying to track down any of the originals, I spoke to some dealers and got a range of quotes to cut and programme a spare. These ranged from £50 to £120.
What should a fully functioning key set me back and are there any alternatives to the Ford dealer - I'd rather not encourage my local dealer?
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if you do get it done by a dealer, ask them to let you stay and see the key being cut, because once the key is out of sight, they can replicate it if they wanted, so if you see the key being done you know that the key isnt being made a few times. my dad had a spare key cut at a main dealer, he left it at the dealer and collected it later, but five days later the car was stolen with the keys, used in a ram raid, and then trashed, it was a 1995 cavalier 2.0 gsi. also it was hard trying to get the insurance back, as it had been stolen with the keys.
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the secret to key cutting or alarm work is to go somewhere that doesnt know you, and give them a false address

then they can cut as many copies as they like but they wont know where to find the car parked...
Stereos as well ... - Ian (cape town)
They've recently uncovered a scam here where the car-radio fitters were 'recovering' their goods within a week ...
Ford Keys - David Lacey
Alternatives to Ford Dealers for remote keys and 'plips' has been covered here recently. Try a search!

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An update for those of you kind enough to contribute to my recent enquiry!

I had my plip key replaced on Tues last, at a cost of £62+, (+ house locks/keys - £113) ......and my wife found the 'lost keys' TODAY, under a cushion on the sofa -- aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!

Ford Keys/I've Lost It, now found! - David Lacey
Oh dear Roger!!!

My heart goes out to you!


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The Galaxy key in question has a Ford RRP £77.23 inc VAT. I'm assuming that it is a radio remote key not an earlier infrared type. Any amount on top will be for the labour (cutting and programming) Hope this gives you a benchmark to work from.


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