Latest crash tests published - JohnM
FYI: Latest set of crash tests have been published on following cars:
BMW 3 Series, Citroen C5, Mondeo, Hyundi Elantra, 406, Octavia, Volvo S60,
Honda Stream, Alfa 147, Peugeot 307, Rover 25.

Details of these, and previous tests are on
They make interesting (and sobering) reading...

(Look at the test results in detail, you'll see the star ratings seem to cover a wide range of performance.)
Re: Latest crash tests published - pugugly
Yes as you say the devil is in the detail. It appears to me that a 6 year old Vectra is safer than a 1 yr old Mondeo despite the fact that a Vectra scores one star less......
Re: Latest crash tests published - Honest John
They're all included in the individual model entries in the car by car breakdown at

Re: Latest crash tests published - Tomo
These things are all of course related to secondary safety.

Primary safety lies in the dynamic qualities of the vehicle which enable one to keep or get out of trouble. Unfortunately the best vehicles in this respect are also the most satisfying and desirable, and are loaded with various excess costs which are really amenity charges.

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