Labelled Tyre Characteristics - Julian Lindley
It was recently pointed out to me that tyres are now labelled on their shoulders with titles of Treadwear, Traction and Temperature. The first item has a numerical value against it and the other two have letters.

Does anyone know how these values are measured and how to relate to them? The highest value for treadwear that I have seen is 280 and the lowest 150.

I have a particular interest in tyre wear characteristics at the moment as my 11 month old 10000 mile MB C 200K has knackered a set of rear tyres and badly worn a set of front tyres after all four wheels were found to be out of alignment at its first warranty demanded service. Helpfully, MB provide a printout with before adjustment values and after adjustment, together with MB tolerances! Interestingly one front wheel had a negative value and the other a positive one. I admit that I should of paid attention re the tyres, but I didnt. Needless to say MB (and probably all other manufacturers) insist that this problem is the customers liability.

Thanks for any views offerred


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