Bad driving Website - David Lacey
Featured on BBC Points West Local News last night -
A website set up by an unidentified person to allow the reporting of bad driving.
Insurance companies will be charged to view the resulting info.
I assume the police will have free access but will they have the time to take an interest?
It is a membership service to try and stop spoof messages
Anybody think of any possible libel implications?

Re: Bad driving Website - Andy P
Does leave itself open to false accusations. Without corroborating evidence, it's their word against the other party. Don't really see how this is going to help.

Re: Bad driving Website - Ian Aspinall
Don't knock it before it's got off the ground. Judging by previous threads on this forum, I think most people on here are in agreement that it's bad driving that kills, not just speed per se (I heard a survey mentioned on the radio the other day that said 80% of British drivers agree with this).

And at least whoever set this new website up is trying to do something about it. Maybe if the same vehicle was being reported time and again, the police might just take notice. The website could then bring together a number of witnesses to assist in the prosecution of the driver.

Wish I'd taken the number of the Granada that nearly mowed me and two other pedestrians down on a zebra crossing this morning - I'd have been happy to add it to their database.
Re: Bad driving Website - Gary
Suggest you take a look at Alwyns letter that he has posted, it appears that 84% of accidents involving pedestrians are actually caused by the pedestrian!
Re: Bad driving Website - Ladas are dull
Shouldn't they call this sounds more appropriate
Re: Bad driving Website - Rebecca
Does anyone ever phone those 'How's my driving?' numbers on the back of company vans? Is that scheme a centralised thing or do the calls go direct to the employer?
Re: Bad driving Website - Dan J
:~) Saw a very amusing variation on this theme that someone had scrawled on the back of a very dirty artic:

How's my driving?
Call 999 and let us know...
Re: Bad driving Website - Alyn Beattie
Hi Rebecca

Friend of mine is an allocater with Tibbet & Brittin, the distribution company. He confirms people do phone these numbers. Apparently the calls are divided equally between complaints and praise.
Bad driving Website - David Lacey
I would imagine that it is a subscribe-to centralised service which then reports back to the employer.

Re: Bad driving Website - Stuart B
Plus the vans where the phone number is taped over or missing have in my experience some of the most aggressive behaviour so maybe they do work, dunno never bothered, too much else to think about.
Re: Bad driving Website - Andy
What about the Cones Hotline?

Re: Bad driving Website - Ian Cook
This is a well intentioned initiative that must, surely, fail. It is open to too much subjectivity and the possibility of someone writing down a registration number wrongly.

If an insurance company penalises someone because of uncorroborated evidence, how long will it be before someone goes to the European courts?

In my view, this is the sort of initiative the police themselves should be taking, and following it up with interviews and driver counselling/education/training sessions.

Bad driving Website - David Lacey
A simple letter to the registered keepers address would work wonders.
BUT, the point of mis-noting registration numbers is very real, IMHO.

Re: Bad driving Website - Brian
How about a vehicle faults website.
At least that would be factual and could cover excessive smoke, lights, tyres, windows, mirrors etc. and tough titty if the fault has not been rectified before plod checks up.
An increasing proportion of vehicles only seem to be roadworthy on the day of their MOT and very few ever get stopped from all accounts.
Re: Bad driving Website - steve paterson
A firm I worked for had a large fleet of vans, company logo and phone No. etc.
The driver of one van was the subject of many phone complaints. Eventually the transport manager told him to cover one digit if the company phone No.
Re: Bad driving Website - MPA 2605
Judging by what I see around where I live (Salisbury) a "get that diesel serviced and stop pumping crap into atmosphere" site / hotline would be good - do all elderly and unserviced Peugeot and Citroen diesels come to Salisbury to die?
Re: Bad driving Website - ChrisR
Peugeot and Citroen diesels never die. One day an archaeologist in the year 2525 will dig one up, connect it to a battery and it will start first time.


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