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Citroen AX cambelt - cabsmanuk
I'm thinking of buying a 10 year old 1.1 AX (injection - I think) with 9000 miles on the clock. Yes 9000. AFAIK the cambelt is original - and just about everything else too. I think it would be a good idea to slip a new belt on as the existing one must be a bit feeble by now. Is it an easy thing to do? I am reasonably competent with a spanner (and hammer!).

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Citroen AX cambelt - big davey
Hi there, this must be one of the easiest timing belts to do, just done one on Friday and it took 1 hour inc. crank seal. but then I do them all day every day, so if you give yourself 2 hours you should be ok. One bolt through cam pulley into head and a M6 bolt or pin through the engine webbing into the flywheel. good luck.

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