The Ultimate Test for Driven - Guy Lacey
I know this seems a traditional weekly thread but it will be interesting to see if Driven (incl. the lovely Penny) manage to test the exotic motors on offer tonight in a Top Gear back-end out style or whether they stick to their usual, more professional style.

Could this be the ultimate test?
Re: The Ultimate Test for Driven - Honest John
They let the punters decide on the TVR, perhaps a lesson learned from last week.

Re: The Ultimate Test for Driven - Bob H
The TVR got the nod(by a point) because it was the cheapest to run! I concede I am not in the market for a new supercar, but I can't believe people who can afford such cars are influenced by running costs.

In my book the TVR suffers from the unreliable kit car image and is not in the same league as a Porsche or Ferrari.

What say you?

Bob H
Re: The Ultimate Test for Driven - Jonathan

I agree about the porsches, but the ferrari bit, no way. They are just a very very very expensive kit car. A friend of mine works on ferraris for Stratstones, and he said that the workmanship on the body is awful. they dont have proper gaps, and to fix it they just fill them in with welding rods, bog over and paint. (in the milan garage, not him). Okay, the engines are sweet, but they are definitely not everyday cars (unlike the porkers).

Porker 4 me! - David Lacey
The Porshe was the most desirable car on the show without doubt. Classic looks to awesome performance. The TVR is just too 'kit-car' and the Ferrari is just too damn extravagant and in yer face.

I thought taking the Ferarri to Jordan for the desirability test was a bit ironic too! I was hoping they would plump for the Porsche due to its colour - matching Jordans' team colours!

Drivens testing is far more meaningful than TG ever was - the timed runs at the beginning were very interesting indeed. Well done Brewski for driving and respect to Jason for the commentary!

Re: The Ultimate Test for Driven - Tomo
Enjoyed the programme, but don't feel too unhappy about Supra - I feel "Toad" would give them all a run for their money if the course were long enough!
Penny is lovely - Lee H
Missed the first five minutes, so didn't see driveability, but the rest of the show was pretty well restrained. Big thumbs up

Quite interesting to compare the cars as per usual on the four categories, and not to invent new tests just for these cars alone. Would have liked to see the huge bowl of Jam test amongst all that elegant leather. I laughed when they took a Ferrari to Jordan for desirability.

Overall, the 911 is more pliant; I've already got both the 911 and the TVR, but Gran Turismo doesn't have the 550. Now where did I put those pedals....

Re: Porker 4 me! - Phil Goodacre
I would have more faith in the timed run results if Plato had been driving. Didn't agree with the result as I think the TVR is pig ugly with a reputation for unreliability. If I was in a position to afford any of the three, it would be a close call between the Porsche and Ferrari, the TVR would not get a look in. Thought the 'practicality' test was laughable.
Red Ferrari with stick shift,please - Steve G
Shame they chose a boring dark blue F1-shift Modena. I think a red, stick shift would have proven better to drive on a circuit and more desirable ( although probably not with the Jordan team).
The Porsche just does'nt 'do it' for me.Its just to clinical (German)
I would take the TVR and spend the remaining £ 50'000 pounds on track days.

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