Family car choices.... - mattoutthere
My wife and I are pregant withour third sprog...and are will be outgrowing our Seat Cordoba Vario that we have had for the past 6 years. I also cart mountain bikes, canoes and people about regularly, inlcuding thrashes up to Scotland / Wales etc.

Looking at buying something larger (i.e. will fit three baby seats/kids across the back seat). Needs to be practical, reliable and safe. We paln to keep the car as long as we can (i.e. till the scrap heap beckons...)

Now the obvious choice is a mini MPV - Scenic or Zafira, but having travelled in both I am not convinced they are worth the money asked of them...Other option is mondeo/vectra type estate - but i think they are a little on the boring side...

Or, having driven a few Saabs and Audi's, someting like a 9-5 or A6 estate with a few more miles on the clock seems appealing...I reckon with care I could pay less, for a better car with higher spec that would still meet the practical, reliable and safe needs of our family Sheffield we have recommeded 'back street' specialist for both marques so servicing isnt a problem.

So - your thoughts please, plus any experiences of the above motors.
Family car choices.... - Avant
If you think a Mondeo is boring you may say the same about a Volvo 850 or V70 estate - but both are good to drive, pereferably with one of the larger engine options. Not sure what your budget is but both of these have been around for some time so something should suit. More of them around than Saab or A6, and they have more room inside which by the sound of it you want.

Passat and Octavia estates are possibilities, but you'd need to check that you could get all the baby seats in.

Or an older Mercedes?

I'm an Audi fan (obviously) but the A6 Avant has a highish floor at the back and isn't as roomy as it looks.

Good luxk, and I hope you'll tell us what you go for.
Family car choices.... - Hugo {P}
Why not try the Picasso?

Good luck with the baby anyway.
Family car choices.... - alan kearn
Who is the independent Audi specialist and where in Sheffield please.

Family car choices.... - DavidHM
Assuming that the Cordoba is worth £2,500 privately, how much is your budget? How many miles do you cover per year?
Family car choices.... - tyro
Berlingo or Kangoo? Definitely practical, and good value for money.


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