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Driving School Recommendations - Kevin
Can anyone recommend a driving school in the Basingstoke area that has auto transmission cars available ?
My SO passed her driving test in Namibia a number of years ago (more than she would want me to disclose), in a manual transmission car, but hasn't driven a manual for years. She can't exchange either her Namibian or Texas license for a U.K. one so she wants to take some 'familiarisation' lessons and then her test in an auto.
My insurers are more than a little reluctant to let me stick L-plates on the Z28 for a few weeks and we're having trouble finding a driving school that has automatics.

Thanks, Kevin...
Re: Driving School Recommendations - ladas are cool
the problem with coming from texas to england is that the roads are totally different, for a start america doesnt have roundabouts. i used to live in north carolina, and my mom and dad had an american licence, she tried to learn over here, but its completly different here.
Re: Driving School Recommendations - Tom Shaw
The Motor Schools Assciation of Great Britain will supply you with a list of local instructors who fulfill your requirements. 0161 429 9669
Re: Driving School Recommendations - Kevin
Brilliant, thanks Tom. I'll give them a call.

Thanks, Kevin...
Re: Driving School Recommendations - Honest John
Strangely enough, the AA operates out of Basingstoke. Got to have a local AA driving school franchise.

Re: Driving School Recommendations - Kevin
there is a local AA franchise but when my SO spoke to them they said they did not have cars with auto transmission locally.

Regards, Kevin...
Re: Driving School Recommendations - Randolph Lee
Not so Chris,

Mass. and A few other US States are full of "Rotarys" as we call them... You should have seen the fun about 15 years ago when the rules changed from Giving Right of way to the car entering the Roundabout to the care already in it... Carnage for about 3 months!
Re: Driving School Recommendations - ladas are cool
well in north carolina we didnt have roundabouts (rotarys), but that was in 1984.
Re: Driving School Recommendations - Mark (UK !!!!)
when you would have been 4 ? Don't know that I can remember features like that from when I was 4. Although it was a long time ago.

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