Picasso HDI Clutch Slip - mattblack
During the recent cool damp weather I've noticed that the clutch is slipping when under acceleration. It is particularly bad when the engine is cold and you accelerate up a hill or from low rpm in high gear. Once the engine is warmed up it all but disappears. I've tried holding my left foot on the brake whilst accelerating and can't get the clutch to slip once the engine has been warm for a while. Evry now and again it will slip when warm but not often. The pic is 53 reg HDI and has covered 40,000 motorway miles (no I don't rest my foot on the clutch). The dealer has told me that the only thing they can do is take a look and that I must be prepared to pay £495 if the clutch is worn. In all my years of driving and many '000's of company car miles I've never had a clutch. I can't go to a 3rd party for a clutch as it wouldn't be covered on warranty. I'm being held to ransom surely. Anybody had a similar experience?
Picasso HDI Clutch Slip - percy
I'm sure this fault (but not on a Citroen) was mentioned recently here. Though I haven't experienced this myself, I'm inclined to think that in these days of zero tolerance between thrust bearing and pressure plate 'fingers' that you have a problem in the hydraulic department. That is that somehow the fluid in the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder is expanding and pressurising the system, probably heat from the engine. The small hole in the master cylinder that allows fluid flow/return could well be partially blocked possibly by the master cylinder rubber seal. An investigation there may be a lot cheaper than a new clutch. Please let us know the outcome.
Picasso HDI Clutch Slip - Mondaywoe
I have heard of dramatic problems with HDI clutches. One story is that the release bearing breaks up about 30,000 miles - self destructs - and takes lots of expensive clutch bits with it! Usually, when opened up the linings themselves appear unworn.

Another story concerns the Peugeot / Citroen hydraulic clutch operating mechanism. Apparently it's a completely sealed unit and around 70,000 miles becomes unserviceable - requiring a complete replacement unit.

Now these may just be stories - may only relate to older models - and may not even concern parts fitted to the Picasso at all.

My C5 is at 39,000 and certainly not a suspicion of clutch wear at all. My previous Xantia had covered 105,000 miles when I sold it and it had never had a clutch (or cable - or dreaded cable clip!)

These stories have made me think, though!

Picasso HDI Clutch Slip - Civic8
Sounds like oil contaminated centre plate..If that is the case its all covered under warranty. Including correction of oil leak.Not a problem I would expect to see on 53plate
Picasso HDI Clutch Slip - steveWR
hi have just had the same problem 49,000 mile and a knackered clutch best record prior to this 120000 or 156000 and still going when i sold it. I have been told there is a service bulletin going around citroen internally regarding premeture clutch wear , the problem is regarding the size of the clutch plate. the hdi plate is too small. there is talk of possible warrenty but i cannot get any more info at present. will be pressing citroen for some answers on monday after thier xmas party. anyone with more info?
Picasso HDI Clutch Slip - Picasso Owner
I am now just starting to experience this problem on our 2.0 diesel ('52' 23,000 miles), it does seem worse during the first 20 mins of driving, but even after that it is likely to slip when accelerating to overtake on the motorway. There is also a tendancy to slip when accelerating uphill. We also own a Peugeot 405 which we have had from new (Jan 1996) it has 176,000 miles on the clock and the original clutch. The ony expanation offered by the Citroen dealer to my wife was that she must be touching the clutch when driving, as he couldn't simulate the problem (which she is not). Will be writing to Citroen for comment


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