Virus Attack - Honest John
I seem to be under attack by a virus which downloads as soon as I select the e-mail header. Got to be fast to delete it, but can't be sure this has heppened. If any of you get an e-mail supposedly from me with an attachment, then it will be virus infected and you need to delete the thing as fast as your fingers will let you. Don't know what it is or where it's coming from. McAfee doesn't firewall it or pick it up. Anyone know anything about it?

Re: Virus Attack - David W

No clue as to the virus name/type?

My sisters PC sent us a virus yesterday, automated as it was firing off from her address book at random when she was on-line. One of the W.32Magistr types that can cause some havoc.

Our Norton AV2001 captured it on the way in and did the business.

the best way to check against viruses. - ladas are cool
'the magistrate' as it is known, also sometimes it has a message saying 'judgement will be passed on you'. i have had it sent to me twice, but my anti virus searcher found it. its a website called go the the free web tools, and click on housecall, it searchs your computer while you surf the web, and looks for all kinds of viruses, and the website is always updated with all the current viruses around (about 15 viruses a day update the website)
Re: Virus Attack - Andrew Hamilton
Norton update every few days. When did you last update your virus protection?
I was looking at some anti-virus discussion groups. One suggestion was to set up a deliberately faulty email address at the top of your list. Apparently this stops the virus cold as it is halted at the problem. Cannot remember exactly but I think it was 000!@virus.problem. Worth searching for if it worries you.
For immediate problems goto discussion group and they may be able to help.
So far never had a virus and am hoping my luck holds!
Re: Virus Attack - Andrew Hamilton
Check your virus protection is protecting your email. It may not be and requires to be authorised.
Although, no problems with virus, get nuisance scans on closed ports Trojans or similar virus. Amazing the countries they come from!
Re: Virus Attack - Brian
The suggestion for the "stop" is to set up "AAA" (or however many A's you fancy >2) as a name, with no address, in the address book so that a virus trying to read down the address book hits an error at the first address that it tries.
THINKS: I did that at work, must do it at home.
Credit goes to Dotcom Telegraph for the suggestion.
Re: Virus Attack - mybrainhurts
If anyone's still on the old boycott the pumps forum, take note.

I received an e-mail virus yesterday from someone calling himself MARY JASPER.

My protection picked it up.
Re: Virus Attack - Honest John
Many thanks to Chrissamafor this. Useful site. Told me what to do. The virus is called WORM_BADTRANS.B and is not destructive; just a pain because it downloads as soon as you hit the e-mail header and there's loads of it out there. I bought Trend PC-cillin 2000 antivirus from the site, but miskeyed while installing it and it won't tolerate this. Won't uninstall and won't install either. So it's been a more than usually frustrating day.

Re: Virus Attack - Cockle
Trend PC-cillin anti virus is available free to anyone who has a Halifax account. If you register for Halifax Online the next screens offer you a free download, and yes it does update automatically. Just a tip for anyone out there who hasn't got a virus guard and is with the Halifax.
Re: Virus Attack - Andrew Hamilton
Useful to know this. Halifax very coy about offer. Similarly Barclays bank offered Norton Internet Security if you went online. However offer closed but check on Security icon to see if it is offered again.

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