Goodwood 309 gti for sale - green pug monsta
1992 J Goodwood 309 GTi 1905cc
80,900 genuine proveable miles ( as reading today)
Full service history and complete history file with more reciepts than i can describe
all old mots
mot till may 02 tax till 10/02
HPi clear with certificate to prove
Full immaculate leather interior
Optional momo wood pack (Steering wheel and gear knob)
Standard Factory fit clarion 6 disc changer
Mongoose stainless steel exhaust
K&n induction kit
Car is in very good condition, drives fantastically and used daily
Rolling road print out to prove engine condition and power (125 bhp and approxx 124 lb/ft torque)
The ice is open to negotiation, i will sell the car with or with out the stereo but im keeping the headunit.
Ice is 2 alpine v12 amps, 2 kenwood 10 inch subs, professional boot installation

Im asking around £2000 for the car without the stereo, £2500 with. Open to very near offers


pics are available by e-mail.
Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - Guy Lacey
Not sure this is a Used Car Sales forum.

MBRM - advice please before this turns into Barry's Car Lot.
Erase it - Penport
Totally agree Guy - please get rid of this cheapskate nonsense quick
Re: Erase it - Dave N
Penport, does your a/c still work?
Re: Erase it - Penport
Thanks for asking, Dave
The dealer agreed to fix it, thanks to advice on this forum.
It was indeed the evap that was leaking (just as you had said)
So far it's taken 4 weeks - 3 days to dismantle the dash, 3 weeks + to get the part (from Italy via the very helpful Four Seasons company) and it's in the process of being rebuilt at the moment.
Hopefully it will work OK
I remember your advice to make sure EVERYTHING works when I get it back
Thanks for your interest
Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - marman
That would have cost a small fortune in the classified ads with that number of words.
Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - Martyn (Back Room moderator)
Guy is right. At the moment, The Back Room is not set up to handle private ads (or commercial ones either, for that matter). I'm letting this stay for three days, but please -- no more ads!
Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - green pug monsta
sorry guys, didnt realise you didnt want adds and stuff on here. Feel free to remove it if it is causing any problems
Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - dan
So you modified the air intake and the exhaust and ended up with 125bhp?
This car rolls off the factory line producing 130bhp!

Mayhaps your exhaust bore is overly large or your K&N filter is busy sucking in lots of hot air straight out of the engine bay? No offence intended ben, its good to fiddle. much for just the amps...?

Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - Ben Chapman
125bhp flywheel sounds about right considering the age and milleage. I would expect the Mongoose system has cost a bit of power. I have never seen an aftermarket exhaust for the 205 1.9 that offers the same power as a standard one. The peugeot system is great.

Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - Tomo
If the 130 horses are at the flywheel 125 at the wheels seems good.
Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - Guy Lacey
I would say a loss of 15 neddies through the drivetrain is more realistic. My brother's old VR6 lost a whopping 30bhp through the drivetrain.
Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - Ian (cape town)
125 at the fly sounds good. But I bet if you turned off that stereo, it would go all the way up to 150!
Re: Goodwood 309 gti for sale - dan
Yeah, 125 at the flywheel. Presumeably the stock figure of 130bhp is also at the flywheel. 5 lost somewhere...
Age? I had my own J reg car dyno'd last week and it peaks 11 bhp higher than the listed specification. (no mods, although a previous owner rebuilt the turbo).


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