Noise from steering pump - Martin
We have an Audi 80 16v (I've asked questions about this one before!), and recently the power steering pump has got noisy. It's only noisy, a gentle screeching sound, when the engine is cold at tickover. The noise goes away after the pump has warmed up.

Can I get a repair kit for this? Audi say no, and so does my local 'specialist' parts supplier (well known chaps in Slough). If I can get a kit, I'll strip it down and take a look.

Any advice gratefully received.

Re: Noise from steering pump - dafydd tomos
check the fluid resevoir - an old merc i had would squeal when the level was low
Re: Noise from steering pump - Martin
Checked the fluid - it's OK. Thanks for that one!
Re: Noise from steering pump - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Before rushing into anything rash check the fluid level. Is this an Audi with the combined PAS/Braking system which uses LHM fluid, or a traditional PAS system? If the latter try a tube of Forte Power steering conditioner. Also is the fluid clean, ruby red? If black then urgent medical attention needed!
Re: Noise from steering pump - Martin

The system isn't combined - the fluid in the reservoir is clear to greenish - only slightly darker than the raw stuff from the bottle - which could be due to mild water absorption (if this stuff is like brake fluid...)...

Next time I'm near a motor factor I'll look into Forte Power Steering Conditioner (not easy to forget, as one of the machines that I sell is called 'Forte').

Re: Noise from steering pump - Vin

Can't solve your immediate problem, but if it comes down to having to replace the thing, I have (at home) the number of a company who did me a reconditioned one for a quarter of the official new price (for a Ford Mondeo, £105 vs £400 odd).

So, if it gets to that stage, drop me a line and I'll look up the number.

Re: Noise from steering pump - Darcy Kitchin
Have you checked the drive belt tension/condition?
Re: Noise from steering pump - Martin
Yes - drive belt is fine - thanks.
Noise from steering pump - David Lacey
I doubt anything else than a slack pump drivebelt could/would cause a screeching noise at idle when cold. Is the belt in good condition and quite tight?

Re: Noise from steering pump - Martin

Yes, it really is OK. The noise definitely eminates from the pump body - it's not a belt kind of noise (if you know what I mean). It's a metallic screech/whine.

Thanks for the input - and as a general note to others who have suggested things - thanks very much.


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