Bahill Horse Trailer - Richard Taylor
Could anyone please tell me where to get instructions for overhauling the brakes and wheel bearings on a Bahill 2-horse trailer? There is an override feature allowing the trailer to be reversed without locking the wheels, but I'm not sure whether the brakes are working at all. How can they be tested?
The Bahill company used to be based in Bakewell, Derbyshire, but doesn't appear to exist anymore.

If anyone has a manual they could scan & email, so much the better!
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Re: Bahill Horse Trailer - Mark (Brazil)
I don't have the first clue, but this phone number may well be worth a go...

Dave or Kevin of D&K Motors on 01579 348880.

Not my recommendation, I know nothing about them, just a suggestion from someone I mentioned it to.
Re: Bahill Horse Trailer - Darcy Kitchin
Haynes do a good manual for caravans and trailers (not that I would dare mention caravans on this site).

Testing falls into 2 parts, static and dynamic.
Static is where you scientifically kick the hitch and see if the rods and cables move, if completely unsure whether anything is moving, remove each wheel and see if the brake shoes move. Dynamic is where you take the outfit to your favourite stretch of straight, deserted road. Brake firmly from about 30 mph and then lift off the brakes, you should feel the trailer pulling the car back. If the brakes aren't working the outfit will seem to accelerate.

Hope this helps.

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