m4 speed limit - crazed idiot
i hear they are raising the speed limit on the bit of M4 next to where Prescotts famous bus lane (private lane for Tony and Prescott more like) by 10 mph, and allowing motorcycles to use the (normally empty) bus lane...

the only case of speed limits rising anywhere I have heard of recently...

and probably a sign that theyre finally realising that stupid bus lane isnt the way to run a motorway and causes more problems than it solves

etc etc

also the buses from reading into london which were a large part of the traffic down it have stopped, as the bus company couldnt run any cheaper than the train, so it pretty much leaves tourist doing the run to the airport very occasionally - when often the bus will go up another lane anyway...

anyone know any more ?
Re: m4 speed limit - James S
Everyone allways complains about the M4 bus lane but I don't think it makes any difference. If you go there at any time near rush hours it's Chocker. The bus lane makes a three lane road into 2 lanes. However the elevated section which follows the bus lane is also 2 lanes. Thus the elevated section was a bottleneck. It makes no difference if the bottleneck is the length of the elevated or the length of the bus lane plus the elevated, you wont get any more cars past a single point per unit of time.

the only net effect is that the occasional bus and some taxis get to overtake you. Is that a disaster?
Re: m4 speed limit - crazed idiot
actually i passionately disagree

bus lanes all over the place are not going to solve the countries transport problems

and since the m4 bus lane things have got worse there

Re: m4 speed limit - Martin
I had an amazing dream after reading your posting last night. There was a roundabout and I turned off into a dual carriageway. This turned out to be a dual carriageway bus lane! All the other cars got to queue in a single lane the other side of a crash barrier (wierd!).
Re: m4 speed limit - Brian
Sounds like you have the power to foretell the furure, Martin.

But, aseriously, I had occasion to take the car up to London yesterday. Most of the bus lanes operate either 07.00 to 10.00 (inwards) or 16.00-19.00 (out).
BUT, the signs on the bus lanes stating the times of operation are not easy to read and the bus lanes are often left empty even when out of hours, a total waste of road space.

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