Gutless A4 110 Tdi - tyre tread
I mentioned in another thread that I drove the wife's A4 the other day and it felt gutless and Notones suggested it might be the MAF sensor.

After finding and reading some other threads I have just been out and disconected (what I think is) the MAF sensor and taken the car for a spin.

It's just as gutless and takes circa 15 seconds to go from 60 to 70 in 5th on level ground.

I have given up putting the car into main dealers for repair as too expensive and now over 3yrs old so out of warranty.

The car has only done about 78K miles and my wife drives it quite gently.

Any other advice.

BTW the temp gauge has not worked for ages (only intermittently) which I suspect is the sender unit. Can anyone tell me where the sender is located - Haynes manuals are useless these days!
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - Wales Forester
I'm by no means a mechanic, but have you considered that the turbo may be faulty, or worse still may not be working altogether?

A blockage in the exhaust would cause similar symptoms on a petrol car, not sure if this applies to diesels.

Gutless A4 110 Tdi - madf
Check the air oulet pipe from turbo is not leaking or disconnected. If it is you will have zero boost = gutless.

You will need a torch


Gutless A4 110 Tdi - nortones2
TT: have you looked at this? Try within para 8 in the list.
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - DL
Almost certainly a MAF problem.

I have recently restored full performance to my neighbours A4 110 TDi which was noticeably slower than mine.

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Gutless A4 110 Tdi - matstro
I've just replaced the MAF on our Seat TDI 110 W reg. Europarts and main dealer quoted about £150 but I went to German and Swedish and got one for under £70 on an exchange basis.

Don't know why this huge difference in price should be but it is!!
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - SjB {P}
> > TT: have you looked at this? Try within para 8 in the list.

I'm not a fan at all of current generation VAG 4 cyl TDIs (never driven a 6 cyl, but every 4 cyl I have driven has been no go / GO / no go in power delivery, and aurally far from a cultured purr), but what an incredible mine of information, especially the performance tuning information at

Thanks for pointing out an interesting read! :-)

I wish an equivalent single point of powertrain and chassis reference existed in such detail for Volvo P2 platform (S60/V70/S80) models, and the V70 2.4T in particular!
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - tyre tread
Just repeated the test - ran the car without MAF connected and I notice it's allowing full revs instead of running out of steam at 4000 revs.

Looks like I need me a new MAF.

Thanks to all for the advice.

I'll have to try a trip to German & Swedish (unless they do mail order!)
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - tyre tread
Just logged onto the GSF website and I see that they do mail order :-) but they don't seem to list the MAF sensor for the A4 - anyone know if the VW is the same?
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - AndyT
I understood that VW now do an exchange on this item, for around £70-£90.

Don't Audi do the same?
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - andymc {P}
The Mercedes MAF can also be used and is cheaper - around £45 from a dealer and it fits in the VAG engine. Apparently you have to use a stanley knife to trim off a couple of external plastic clips, but it's supposed to be a snug fit. For more information, visit the forum at and search for posts using "MAF" as a search criteria. A former member with the username Jerry posted a detailed "how to" and included photographs of the Merc and VAG parts. Also, ask on, which is where you'll find him now!
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Gutless A4 110 Tdi - matstro
After reading stuff on Merc MAFS, I went out and bought one for £45 from a Mercedes dealer. Fitted it to our Seat TDI 110 W reg and have now reverted to a VW one. Merc MAF did not work as well.
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - tyre tread
I have acquired a new MAF sensor and will be fitting it tomorrow.

It looks straighforward but does anyone have any advice /tips
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - DL
Relax, it is as easy to replace as it looks.

You might need some Torx driver bits, from memory.
-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - tyre tread
Thanks guys.

Fitted new sensor and performance is back how I remeber it from last year!

Didn't neet the torx bits as the sensor came with the piece of piping that it's screwd to so just a matter of 3 phillips screws and in it went.

Once again thanks to all contributors and to the guy on e-bay who managed to supply a MAF for just over £50 (imported allegedly).
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - tyre tread
HELP again!

HAving had the car on a good run today I still think that the performance is well down on what it should be.

I notice that on a light throttle setting the car seems to start to pick up but if I floor the throttle ther is no discernable increase in acceleration. Almost as if its being choked.

When cold there is a jerkiness on a light throttle setting and I noticed when warm and pulling away briskly there is a small cloud of smoke.

The car has only done about 78K and had a FASH until the 70k which I did myself.

Any ideas?

I think its going to have to go on an Audi diagnostics machine :-(
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - dieselnut
Check out my thread re turbo problems on 110 engines that use the VNT turbo.
This causes the ECU to shut down & go into limp home mode (low power).
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - tyre tread
Thanks dieselnut. That gives me something to check at the weekend.

I'll let you know how I get on.

I love the website and especially the moving vanes on the turbo.
Gutless A4 110 Tdi - tyre tread
I've not had time to look at the turbo yet but when I drov ethe car home the other night I noticed that there was a severe hesitation under acceleration for a few seconds and every time I experienced the hesitation there were clouds of smoke poring from the exhaust.

I stopped and disconnected the MAF sensor and the smoke stopped but so did the acceleration!

Th acr is booked in for the Bearing arms to be checked under recall on 24th November and I have asked them to perform diagnostics check then but in the meantime any ideas would be welcomed.

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