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The time has come where i need a new engine in my Mk3 GOlf Vr6. Current engine has done 90k, and is now broken beyond economical repair.

I have been offered a low mileage enigne from a 1994 VR6 - only thing is, is that its been sitting in a crate for the last 9 years & hasn't been used.

My question is - what will the engine internals be like after such a long period of non-use? Do you think i should consider such an engine?

Ive put this under 'discussion' as i imagine the replies will apply to most other engine types (?)
Golf VR6 - used engines - Aprilia
If this is a new engine and has been properly stored (i.e. dry-stored) then it may well be OK. If you are having to pay serious money for it then check it carefully (i.e. it should turn over OK, use a 'scope to look into the cylinders and look for rust in bores etc.).

If its a used engine thats been sitting in a wooden box in a breaker's yard then it may not be in very good condition.

S/hand VR6 engines are very hard to get hold of because the cam chains break at around 100k miles and the engine is wrecked.
Golf VR6 - used engines - Roger Jones
As a fellow VR6 owner, I'm interested in knowing what has broken in your engine, VR6, and when.
Golf VR6 - used engines - VR6

I've only owned the car about 12 months.

Started with a slight tapping / rattle sound. I got it checked out by VW who said that it was the tappets. Rattle got worse over time (about 2 to 3 months). I stopped driving it at this point, but had to move it once (to get it to the safety of a drive way), at which point all hell broke loose in the engine ? rattle became a very loud knock from the bottom end, accompanied with a rather nice metal on metal scrapping noise from the top end.

My mechanic has taken the engine apart a little and his diagnosis was (from memory, some of it may not make sense, as my car knowledge only goes so far?)

1. Big end bearing on Cly 1 has failed and has spun the con-rod
2. Crank has been damaged, along with con rod & cylinder
3. Piston has been hitting the top of the engine, causing damage to top end.

Mechanic said ? new engine time (£2400 + Vat from VW, hence I?m looking for a s/hand one)

Car is a 97 R plate, no modifications, currently has 90k on the clock. I?ve looked after it well, as did previous owner (car came with a whole load of bills from a VW independent - regular oil changes, services etc) I?m the 3rd owner.
Golf VR6 - used engines - Roger Jones
Thanks, VR6. I'm going to show this thread to my mechanic. Having bought mine new and fallen in love with it, I'm aiming to keep it forever, and I was reckoning on well into six-figure mileage, anticipating a new cam chain at 80k. So far it's 48.5k and not a single missed beat.

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