2 year warranties (again!) - Jon

A few days ago there was a discussion on the new European Standard for a minimum of 2 years manufacturers warranties from 2002. Please forgive me raising the issue again but there seemed to be conflicting opinions.

I have ordered a Ford Galaxy (sourced from Europe) for delivery in February. Will this have 2 years warranty even though my order details state that 1 years warranty is included?

What is the deciding factor, the order date or the registration date. Does this vary for different importers or manufacturers?

Does anyone know for sure what the situation is?
Re: 2 year warranties (again!) - Tony Cooper
A broker I contacted told me that the 2 year warranty applied to (BMWs) only if ordered after 31/12/01. He suggested I wait to place my order!

I can't speak for other manufacturers but epect it to be the same if UE Standard.
Re: 2 year warranties (again!) - Cockle
Logic would follow if it were to apply to orders placed after 31/12/01, rather than to delivery after that date, as it would then presumably form part of the terms of the contract with the dealer.
Then again when did logic ever apply to anything remotely connected with the EU :-)
Re: 2 year warranties (again!) - Honest John
According to BMW the new two year manufacturer warranty has applied to all new BMWs and all new MINIs sold in the UK as from 1/11/2001.

Re: 2 year warranties (again!) - andy bairsto
The european directive says as of 1/1/2002 all products must have a minimum 2 year unconditional warranty ,In germany that has already been applied with electrical goods been given three years.Fords have two years from last month here
Re: 2 year warranties (again!) - Colin M
For Audi imports from Germany, the trigger is all cars PDI'd on or after 1st November. This was announced retrospectively so I didn't have any customers hanging on for that date, but all cars delivered since have been covered.

There still seems to be no manufacturers documentary proof of the longer warranty applicable to the UK (only on the German dealers bill of sale).


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