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I may be in the near future starting my own business. At the moment there is nothing wrong with my car and I see myself keeping it for a while more.

I'm just wondering that when the time comes to get a new car loan, will the fact that I'm Self-employed mean that it will be much harder to get a car loan?
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You shouldn't have any problems, especially if you own your home.

Some info:
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Never had a problem, never been asked for security, and nobody has even asked to see accounts. I think they place the major store on credit history.
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If it's a personal loan that you want look at for the lowest rates.

If your credit history is A1 you should get one at 6% or less.
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You could always make the application now without obligation to see if you would be able to get one at a later date. Nothing to lose apart from half an hour or so to apply.
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An acquaintance of mine took a wage slave job (but with a contract,which is vital here for credit), just to get a mortgage. Now, mortgage approved and house bought, he's slung it in and gone self employed!
Roger. (Costa del Sol, España)
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Only fair that I should promote
I've mentioned our li'l space on the www enough times there!!

In fact, it's becoming my second choice to click on, after checking in here!!

They've got LOADS of input, from the forums running, so you'll have plenty of feedback!!

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If it's a personal loan that you want to look at xxxx for the lowest interest rates.

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If it's a personal loan that you want to look at for the lowest interest rates.

Thank goodness you posted that helpful link so quickly, there may still be time for Wibble to make use of it.


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