Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - Pete Mansell
Mobil 1 oil is usually recommended on this site, especially by Honest John. Is it really better than other synthetic oils, such as Halfords own brand?

Ford say that only SAE 5W-30, or possibly 5W-40 oil should be used in the Focus. Mobil 1 is 0W-30, so is it OK to use? Or would I be better off using Halfords oil, which comes in 5W-30?

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Pete Mansell
Re: Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - Dave N
You can use Ford's own, for the exact specification. It is usually reasonably priced.
Re: Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - Honest John
Use Ford's 5W/30 in the Focus. It's really Tecaco Havoline 5W/30 and it's about the best semi synthetic you can get.

Re: Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - Charles
Fords Own Formula E 5W30 retails at £20.49 inc VAT for 5 Litres by the way.
Re: Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - John Regin
What is "Mobil S" which appears on my dealers invoice? Can't find any mention of this on the Mobil website.
Re: Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - David W
Our local independent town garage have always been brilliant on oil prices. They sell the Ford 5W-30 at about £16.

A top brand 15W-40 is £5.95 and a top brand 10W-40 semi-syn £8.10.

Re: Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - robert

Do you who Vauxhall fully synthetic 5W 40 is made by?

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Re: Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - Mike H
I've just bought 4 litres of own-brand fully synthetic 5W40 in a french hypermarket for £11.89.

It's depressing, because diesel was the equivalent of 49p a litre at the same hypermarket!
Diesel Price - Brian
The French price of 49p is about the amount of the fuel tax in the UK.

In other words, we could only get it at that price in the UK if the oil companies gave the stuff away!
Re: Diesel Price - Andy Bairsto
An equirey in France found that all branded named oil sold acoss europe was all the same no matter what name it had ,it was traced back to the same refinery in the Hook of Holland where it was sold only on grade the price varying on the quantity you bought .
Re: Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - Ben Chapman
Alternatively you could use Valvolene 5W-30 full synthetic oil from Southern Motor factors. I think its about £13+VAT for 4ltrs. Better than mineral base oil.
Having said that Mobil 1 is very good oil. At normal operating temperature its not much thicker than a lot of -30 oils. Its noticeably thinner than most 10W-40 mineral base oils.
One advantage of these oils is that they last much longer before degrading, so dont actually cost anymore in the long term.

Re: Mobil 1 and Ford Focus - Michael Thomas
I swear by Mobil 1, used it in last two cars. It is pricey but it does seem to do the trick.
Mobil 1 - RogerL
Mobil 1 is 0W/40. it's advantage is that it gets round the engine much better when cold, ie startup, because it's a 0W rating. It will protect a warm engine better than a nnX/30 because it has a 40 rating when warm.

Mobil S is a coventional multigrade, 10W/40 I think.

Some Vauxhall dealers now use Mobil 1, 0W/40, exclusively.

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