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Golf keeps cutting out - John
This week the E reg 1.2 golf just stops. It starts ok again. The battery is not flat as it starts in the mornings. Ive cleaned the terminals and its showing 12.8volts and 13.5v with the engine running. It cuts out during night driving i.e when all the electrics are at full stretch. Can the experts point me in the right direction Battery, Alternator ?.
Thanks for any assistance
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - peter
first question? Do all the rest of the electrics stay up? when it cuts out.

If you are sure it is an electrics problem and load related I would start looking at the -ve earth to engine strap.

TRy running in daylight with all electrics on.

Does the Golf ( like a polo of sim age) have an anti run on valve which relies on a very iffy earth lead from carb body to the head?

I keep coming across older VWs with intermittent problems that never seem to resolve to a single point of failure.

Let us know the answer.
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - Rob Fleming
Leaking carb-inlet manifold gasket can do this. Unless this has been replaced recently, don't eliminate this as the cause of your problem.

Very common fault with old carb VWs - the rubber gasket gently perishes with age. Drives you mad, because it always starts again, only to conk out at some random time later.

Re: Golf keeps cutting out - afm
It's not an automatic, is it?
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - John
The elecrics do stay up. Lights on but the heater fan slows or stops. I can't answer the query on the valve as i'm useless at mechanics. I'll try the earh strap and maybe fanbelt tension?. The gasket is a weekend job in the daylight i guess. Thanks so far
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - John
No manual
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Sounds like an earthing problem. Favourite Golf failure is where the -ve cable joins the gearbox and another strap is run from the top/rear of the cam cover to the coil fixing bolts.
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - John
Thanks for he advice. I'll give it a try
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - Craig
I had a brand new Golf while working abroad earlier this year. During that time it twice completely cut out on the motorway, but started straight away again. No idea why.
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - Ian (cape town)
made by Microsoft, perchance?
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - DIESEL DAVE
Check all connections to the battery, plus the brake servo vacuum hose, the carbs on these gets a bit dodgy with age, does the problem occur with the engine warm, or cold ? - you will be able to sort this out Ian (cape town) wrote:
> made by Microsoft, perchance?
> :>)
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - John
DD It tends to be after a mile into a journey from cold. It will maybe occur twice on a regular 5 mile journey at the moment
Re: Golf keeps cutting out - Richard Hall
Could be carburettor icing. The 1300 engine is well known for it. Does the car cut out when you are slowing down for a junction? There should be a large bore flexible hose running from the exhaust manifold to the air filter housing. If this is missing or full of holes, you may have found your problem.

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