2001 1.9TDi Electrical problems ?? Please help. - robN
If you own a Skoda Fabia, and have experienced lots of electrical problems with it, I would be interested to hear about your experiences.

Please could you reply with 3 key pieces of information :

What model it is (i.e. 1.9TDi) ?
How old it is (i.e. 2 years, or '51' plate) ?
What electrical problems you have had ? Some examples, which seem to be quite common, as as follows :

Power steering warning light always coming on.
Flickering headlights
Electric window switches swapping sides (i.e. left hand button works right hand window).
Central locking doesn't always work
Persistent blowing of light bulbs
...too name but a few!!

I would like to see if there is a common pattern emerging....Needless to say I own a 1.9TDi (Y reg) which is plagued with electrical glitches, and throughout its life has suffered Skoda dealers (and Skoda UK) living in denial of anything being wrong....Now it is out of warranty, I would like to put the challenge back on Skoda with some hard data !


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If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Sprice
Maybe www.carsurvey.org will reveal if there's a pattern?
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Sprice
Heres a link to the fabia part of this informative site, surprised its not been filtered by mods actually!!!
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Sprice
Sorry, here it is
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - robN
Thanks for the link. I've submitted my views !

It's such a shame to have to be so negative, because the car is fundamentally an excellent car. I am just so frustrated that the faults I have on mine seem to be so common, and yet Skoda don't seem to care.

Great way of keeping customers....not.
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Welliesorter
I think it's been mentioned in one of the other Fabia threads but have you been to www.briskoda.net ? There are plenty of Fabia owners there.

If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - RobertJS
I bought a 1.4 X-reg Fabia Classic (8v) new in Dec 2000. A problem with the throttle started to appear after a while which got increasingly worse - eventually it felt as though the car was being buffetted by a headwind. I remember trundling along the M25 late one night and being unable to get much above 50mph. The problem didn't appear until about half an hour of driving but would come on much sooner if the electrical system was being used heavily. After many trips back to the dealer they found that a piece of the wiring in the (electronic) throttle was faulty causing it to cut out intermittently. (Kept the car for 2 more years with no more problems.)

From what I have heard from other Fabia drivers this problem _may_ have occurred elsewhere but usually with much less severity.

Robert Steadman
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Stuartli
These may also be of interest:




Some useful advice provided by this poster...:-)

If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - cezzy456
i have recently discovered electrical problems with my skoda fabis 02 plate.
can't always unlock the cental locking with the key, my electic window buttons swapped sides, so the left one oped the drivers window and the right one oped the passenger window, i thought i was going mad!! also my skoda drinks oil!! i have to refill it every 6 weeks
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Anu
I came across this forum while searching for the PAS fault on my new Skoda. I am not alone. Phew.

I recently bought Skoda Fabia, 2002 model,1.4 comfort, couple of months back. For the last couple of weeks the light comes up for power steering fault and I have also noticed flickering of headlights/dash board.

The dealer gave me a simple answer that may be the battery was not fully charged. It's still under warranty and I am taking it to the dealer tomorrow. Will post the result tomorrow.

If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - robN
Skoda know full well what it is - it's the steering angle sensor.

Finally managed to get my wife's sorted by Skoda, even though it was out of warranty. (First time we've had decent customer service from Skoda UK).

Lights have stopped flickering, and the power steering works properly again.....shame it took Skoda 3 years to admit to it and sort it out!

Good luck !
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Legin
Fabia Estate - 1.9 TDI - Comfort - July 2003
Steering light has come on 3 times in last 15 months.

Rest by switching off for a few mins then on again.

No obvious loss of steering power even when light on.

No point taking to dealer since nearest one is 20 miles away and it goes off anyway.
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - robN
be wary....thge light coming on, with no apparent loss of assistance is the first "phase" of the fault..

The assistance seems to have 2 levels of assistance. At low speeds, the assistance is high (nice light steering), but at higher speeds, the level of assistance is reduced.

When the light comes on, I found that the assistance defaulted to the "low level" of assistance (i.e. it felt heavier than normal at low speeds). It is quite aubtle though, and you might not notice it.

As time goes by, the frequency of warning light illuminations may increase....and eventually the system can pack up completely without warning (no warning light). (Nearly caused an RTA in my case, and a pulled shoulder).

See my other reply to "Anu" in this thread. It is a common problem, and Skoda know it is. Don't be afraid to challenge them on it, before your car goes out of warranty.
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - chrisa
well you have my support we have talked before about my simular problems. I did get some of mine fixed, steering sensor was payed for by skoda under good will!. a faulty engine temperature sensor was also replaced under good will, my garage said that one of the main problems is earth connections. theres 2 which cause concern. the first is just under the battery, the second is behind the nsf wheel well, behind the plasic protector beside the washer pump motor, you will need to take the whole liner out which is not easy.

I am still waiting for something else to go wrong with the electrics though, I have zero confidence in it.

but after taking the car in for its 40,000 mile service I went to pick it up. Expecting just to pay the bill, and pick up my keys the garage mechanic said those dreaded words you should only hear with a 10 year old car "theres a few problems, could you walk this way and have a look at it on the ramp". The garage told me that the gearbox is leaking, the anti roll bar has a warn bush and the whole unit needs to be replaced and the door locks are going to snap, yes snap. They have warn badly and one day the barrel will snap inside. hmmmm

vw now do a repair kits its so common, --just leaves a bad taste really!

my advise for anyone who has warranty left is to get the car checked from bumper to bumper, engine, gearbox (behind the plastic seal) anti roll bushes, fuel and brake lines, locks? electrics everything! ohh na dnot by a skoda garage, pay for the AA it WILL be money well spent.

and for everyone like me who still has one and whats good trouble free long term motoring, get rid of it, as its seems to be one thing after another.
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - robN
That's scary - yours does sound really bad. Ever though about writing to BBC's Watchdog...?!

...with the lawsuits against the current and ex CEO's of the VW group for 1.0 and 1.4 petrol engine failures (yep - the engines fitted in the Fabia, Polo, Ibiza etc.....), I reckon the VW group need a few more wake up calls.

The days of "if only everthing in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen" have sadly passed. My mother has owned nothing but VW Polos since 1985. Her last was an X reg Polo 1.4. After the gearbox needed changing under warranty (20,000 miles), and when her friends who had similar Polos started complaining of fairly serious problems, she sold it, scared of what might fail next. She is now the proud (and delighted) owner of a Honda Jazz.
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - chrisa
I could try writing to a consumer program but the cars out of warranty and it doesn't explode ! so it may not make headlines for them. Its interesting to see the latest topgear survey. Skoda still at the top but VW starting to be at the bottom. I think its a trend that will continue, overall the skoda's been okay, the body is built well, no door rubbers creak! unlike my previous megane. Fuel is very good at around 50 to 55mpg, but its the niggly little things, I bought the car for long term ownership 4-6 years. Skoda resale values looked good at 50%. but to many things seem to be going wrong, things that should'nt need doing at this age. Break disks at 25,000?, complete new anti roll bar assembly on the front at 40,000, gearbox driveseal leaking at 40,000 and now door locks? window motor, ECM & DCM units, stereo repaired, etc etc.

I'm still not sure of the electrical system, the temp guage still seems to do strange things sometimes, and in these dark evenings when the headlights are on, if you turn the steering wheel quickly the headliht dim alarmingly.

anyone got a cure for that, I've even taken to turning off the interior lights to save possible charging problems with the battery, hmmmmmm

"The car in front is another skoda"

but I suspect that its the same for most makes of car, just not at this mileage!
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Aprilia
Locks and antiroll bar are common on this VAG platform at this mileage. For some reason the Skodas seem to have more elec. problems than the VW's.
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - robN
The headlight dimming is probably the steering angle sensor. Mine did that, until Skoda recently replaced the sensor (at long last !!!). Not only is the power steering fixed, but the headlights have stopped flickering.

There is some clear logic behind this. The electro-hydraulic power steering uses a large amount of electrical current. The benefit of this type of system, over a normal belt driven pump is that the system only switches on when it is needed (which makes your car more fuel efficient - normal power steering systems can sap quite a few horsepower). In order to know when the steering assistance is required, you need a steering angle sensor (mounted at the base of the steering column). It detects when the steering is moved, and turns the power assistance pump on, on a demand basis. Clearly, if the sensor is defective, it sometimes thinks the wheel is moving, even when it isn't (or if you are really unlucky, fails to see it moving it when you ARE turning the wheel!). This intermittent problem will cause the pump to be turned on/off/on/off - and this is when you see the lamps flickering.

Skoda will charge about £120 to change the sensor (incl labour) - but if you really make a fuss, they might do it for free. It's worth a try - it's a common fault, and the know it is.
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Swanie

I am suffering similar problems. Skoda Fabia Y Reg 1.9TDI = Lamps blowing, Steering problems, Flickering headlamps etc.

Is yours a blue one???

Just wondered.

If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - splocious
Ive had the same issue with my power steering but without the lights flickering. My battery is being drained somehow and i need to keep getting a jump start. To make matters worse last week the radio, ABS, indicators and seatbelt light started to go doolally. Im assuming they are all related. If the battery is low would it effect the abs, radio, indicators etc?
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Red Baron
Yes. If the battery is low, then all sorts of dumb stuff begins to happen. The first things to deactivate are the systems that are not critical to keeping the engine running, i.e., ABS, radio, traction control, indicators, dash lights, heater etc.

How old is your battery? Does it hold charge? Does the alternator work and recharge the battery?
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - injection doc
The battery thats fitted ? is it a brand from a well known tyre & exhaust outfit? their batteries have converter post fitted to convert batteries from L shape post to round post. these cause no end of charging & ABS issues due to high resistance in the conversion & excessive electrical noise from the alternator & send Multiplexing units into orbit always worth a check 1st ! Steering angle sensor a well known issue as many have mentioned already. Also make sure the battery has a nominal voltage of 12.4 volts, anything less than 12.2 then its poorly. ( nominal, without the engine running )
as already mentioned if battery voltage is low cars tend to go into aperplexy
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - leone
I have recently bought a Y reg Nov 2001 Fabia and have had the flickering light and PAS problem. Your posts have been really helpful so they are replacing the angle sensor, they did replace the hydrolic pump first at a cost of £1,000. I'm going to query if the hydro pump was really faulty or if it was an angle sensor problem all the time! I could have done without the expense! Thanks.
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Mr Rick
Hello, 4 months ago I bought a Fabia estate 1.9sdi on an 02 plate. It was fine for a couple of months and then the problems began.

Many similar to the ones above... power steering light flashing etc etc etc I had to be picked up by the recovery truck twice and after 2 alternaters, a power steering sensor and none of this working I had been getting to the end of my tether. UNTIL I sent it to the Skoda garage in Morecambe. They worked out that when you turn on the ignition the battery light wasn't showing therefore there was a problem BETWEEN the alternater and battery. ie the wire that connects them. Really as simple as that!!

I had begun to think about wiring looms and very high costs etc but none of it. I reckon some of the above problems could be cured with what I have just had done.

The car worked without headlights, put the headlights on and DEAD.

**DEFINITELY it's worth a try... change the wire that links the alternater with the battery. A simple job**

I like my car now! Hope this helps!
If you own a Skoda Fabia pls help ! - Kelz20
Bought a 1.2 skoda fabia classic on a 53 plate two and half years ago. The day after I received it the EPC light came on - they eventually found the fault as being a faulty heater part, this was replaced and that was fine.
About 6 months later the abs started to come on after starting engine and then go off, queeried this with skoda - they said it sometimes happens, nothing to worry about.
Then 2 months later when the cold weather set in the power steering light started coming on after engine started. If turned engine off then re-started (up to 5 times) it would be ok - no problems. Eventually took it to skoda in Feb last year and they replaced a sensor and said that it was sorted.
The next day the light came on again. Decided not to take it back and ignored it. When the summer months came it stopped doing it so assumed it just didn't like the cold weather. So when winter came last year it started happening again. Took it skoda in March of this year and they diagnosed that the power sterring pump was faulty and needed replacing at a cost of £630 (includes labour and VAT, this has now gone up to £670). I immediately took it to an independant garage and he said that it shouldn't happen on a car so young and he had seen a few fabias with the same problem. After some digging he found out that there was a faulty batch of power steering pumps and it turns out one of them is in my car. He is now looking for a cheaper power stearing pump for me so I don't have to pay dealership prices.
I contacted skoda with this info and they dismissed it, so I contacted watchdog. They recently contacted me saying they were doing some research into it as there has been a few complaints.
So my suggestion is to email them and ee what comes from that. I am not going to pay £670 to have it replaced if it is a fauly batch problem and the cars should be recalled to get it replaced!!!!!
Electrical problems ?? Please help. - xyla
HI Rob

we have a Skoda fabia 1.9 desiel on a 51 plate.

we have also experienced problems with Power steering warning light always coming on.
Flickering headlights. none of the guys we have had trying to fix the problems have solved the annoying problems. the flicering headlight are apain. Do you know what the problem is anf haw to fix it?

Electrical problems ?? Please help. - mackenzie85
hi, i recently bought a fabia 1.4 16v 2000 reg from a small trade dealer, after me visiting the car 70 miles away and putting a deposit down he told me there was a small problem with an erratic idle ( the car revs between just below and above 100rpm when stationary ). he then said he had cleaned the throttle body & sensors and said car was fixed, so i bought it, drove it home, since then this is whats happened in less than 72 hours of me owning the car! ...

* i unlocked the doors and the windows opened!
* power steering light keeps coming on and off ( which book says can be sign of a fault in the electrical system )
* lights flicker when driving at night
* heaters work when they feel like it, but if i switch off engine & turn it back on theyre fine
* when you release the accelorator to change gear the revs boost up to 4000rpm before coming back down slowly!
* when stationary car revs on its own (makes me sound like a boy racer at lights haha)

all in all the car is a lovely drive, built well and ideal for my first family car. ive taken it to a garage this morn who think it may be a faulty earth wire, but cant quote me a price without seeing what he has to dismantle to get to them first! im just hoping its not too expensive as i dont fancy another 140 mile round trip to take the car back!
i didnt think these cars were prone to problems, but after reading this forum, i was wrong. will also get him to look at the steering sensor as mentioned above.
Electrical problems ?? Please help. - harib
Hmmm... That car sounds like a bit of a lemon to me to be honest...

The first problem might be a simple case of holding down the unlock button on your key for too long? If I press and hold down the unlock button on mine, then the doors will unlock and the windows will open.

The revs ramping up when you change gear COULD be a slipping clutch. If so, that's a very expensive repair. I'd take it back to the garage you bought it from and get them to have a look before spending any more money on it.
Electrical problems ?? Please help. - shen
the last two of your problems i am currently experiencing myself.did you manage to find out why they were occuring,as i am taking it to a electrical garage friday.
Electrical problems ?? Please help. - cranwellpoacher

I have a Roomster 1.9 Tdi which also revs to over 4000 rpm when clutch dipped...what was the error found to be?

Cheers. Andy

Electrical problems ?? Please help. - nstbl
hi all, i also had most of the problems mentioned above, we changed the pas pump costing stupid money only to find the problem was exactly the same. So after reading up about these problems we then moved onto the pas "angle sensor" which cost about £90 with the surcharge. This was the problem and now all seems fine, pump works all the time and no more lights on the dash or loss of pas. Many thanks for the sound advise all......

Electrical problems ?? Please help. - weetwood238
I've had my 51 reg 1.4 8v comfort for 2 1/2 years and recently developed electrical problems as the oil pressure warning light and sound comes on at ignition and continues on and off for the first 5 minutes, its been back to a main dealer twice as they couldn't run the diagnostics fully before it went away the first time, it only happens when first used each day and the oil is ok and all the wiring was checked, I was quoted £400 approx to supply fit a new control unit so can live with it, but had a new oil sensor fitted and front anti roll bar and new bushes.

Also mentioned to the garage that the speedo needle recently didn't work for the first minute and the petrol gauge showed empty, switching off and back on cures it. Obviously my fabia is now showing the usual electrical niggles, shame as its great otherwise.
Electrical problems ?? Please help. - TurboD
so Jasper Carrot was right?
Electrical problems ?? Please help. - AQ
Just seen your Skoda problems - I have similar problems.

Mine is a 2002 Combi (estate) with the 1.9 TDI engine (it was on an 02 plate, but now that I live in France, it has been re-registered in France) - it has 120k miles on the clock.

Electrical problems include:- electric window switches swapping sides; the same switches sometimes working, sometimes not. Blown front sidelight bulbs (fiddly to replace the passenger side one, because of battery); ABS (ASR) dashboard light now permanently on after a firmer than usual press on the brakes when somebody stepped out into the road - but brakes work perfectly well ; reverse parking sensors sometimes sound even when there is nothing behind me (but only while reversing thankfully).

Other problems :- rainwater seeps through the bottom interior trim of the rear passenger doors (yet the drain holes in the base of the doors are clear); passenger door window mechanism failed - not the motor, but the cables mangled themselves - it was tedious to fit the new cables.

I managed to cure the window switch problem by taking the switches out, dismantling and cleaning the microswitches found in the switch units - they seem very fragile.

The car is great in all other respects - it starts instantly, pulls very well and achieves 60 MPG at motorway speeds and up to 70 MPG at slightly lower speeds on rural roads. It seems well put together - hardly any squeaks, no rattles and it has a huge load area for a small estate (rear seats can be removed altogether if needs be), but I am worried about all these niggles, especially as I now see they are a common problem.

Hope this helps

Electrical problems ?? Please help. - mircea273
"rainwater seeps through the bottom interior trim of the rear passenger doors (yet the drain holes in the base of the doors are clear)"
I had this problem too. And found a lot of others complaining about it. It is due to imerfect sealing between the door body and the big metal plate that sits between the trim and the window mechanism. On some models this plate is hold on by screws and on some on bolts. Mine is the second case. The sealing paste will corrode and crumble in time and there you have the leak. The holes in the base are not capable to drain much water fast so, when washing your car or under torrential rain the bottom will keep a certain amount of water and allow it to sip beneath the metal plate. To fix this you will need to take out the trim and either try to reseal the bottom line of the plate, or dismantle the plate altogether and reseal it. The second alternative might be the best but also the hardest and more expensive. I took the first one. There was a tutorial on briskoda.net on how to do it, but I see the link does not work anymore. Maybe they moved the article in the archive and changed the id...
Electrical problems ?? Please help. - Sfb
Hi Everyone,

I am having electrical problems with my 2001 FabiaHPT. The power steering warning light is staying on, this seems to be a common probelm with a known fix. I will take it to my dealer now I know I am not the only one with this problem as I was lead to believe, thanks eveyone!

I also have a new probelm with the wipers. Following a battery problem where I had to discontect the battery, the wipers are now parking at the wrong end of their sweep, ie vertical on the screen. I have tried disconnecting and re contecting the battery in hopes of re booting the system to correct it's self but with no luck. Anybody have a similar experince? Anybody know a fix?


Electrical problems ?? Please help. - WorkshopTech
The leaking door seals issue is easy to fix with a sealant gun. We have done loads. Unfortunately most of the dealers seem to make a hash of it.
The EPAS problems are often related to the charging system, either a weak battery or alternator problems. Always worth swapping out the battery first if its not in the first flush of youth. Also check all the cables and contacts bettween the battery, chassis and alternator.
There are two little wires that break (bracket below starter motor has three connectors on it, its the two wires into the lowest connector). These are the alternator load sense wires and cause various issues. 10mins to repair with a soldering iron and a bit of sleeving.
These faults also affect Ibizia and Polo.
Electrical problems ?? Please help. - lipman
I own a skoda 1.4 reg 2000
Have experienced some of the problems mentioned. CURRENT problem Driver electric window refuses to open until I have been on the road for at least an hour. Offside one works OK but only from it's own switch. Window motor has been replaced to no avail.
2001 1.9TDi Electrical problems ?? Please help. - declan88
Seems throughout most of the posts that the steering position sensor is faulty.

I've got a 2002 1.4MPI fabia ie petrol 16V single OHC and is good apart from two things.

1) The right hand side rear red light stays on even when the engine is turned off sometimes. If you turn the engine on again and the light switch on and off again one or more times, the light will finally go out. Had the switch changed, but it hasn't solved the problem. Also as the problem is intermittent, when you find the problem has recurred and restart the engine, by the time you drive to a garage, the problem's disappeared (temporarily). I wonder if this problem might be related to a faulty steering position sensor too? Any ideas.

2) Over this cold snap, the starting of the car has got a bit worse and a number of short journeys perhaps has drained the very expensive (sealed) battery.
I have now removed the battery and have it on trickle charge (starting p.d was 10.6V, should be 13.9-14.9V, so very low).
What made me decide to charge it now was that when I started the car last the starter motor wouldn't turn over and accordingly the engine wouldn't either.
Also the EPC light and the fault sensor came on. Do you think this could all arise from just a low battery voltage? (My suspicion is that the fault in 1 is causing the battery to drain prematurely). If I buy another battery now, that would be 2 brand new batteries in 5 years.

TVM for any help.

2001 1.9TDi Electrical problems ?? Please help. - declan88
PS Happy New Year everyone!!!
2001 1.9TDi Electrical problems ?? Please help. - gavgav
hi i have a 2005 (55 plate) fabia tdi elegance with 58000 milesand i have had a mixture of electrical and interior fittings problems.nothing major but very annoying.
electrical problems seem to be:
low coolant level light and alarm occuring when engine is cold and level is fine this disappears when engine is stopped and restarted
brake light failure warning light and alarm which sometimes appears and then disappears but brake light bulb is fine although i have had to change bulbs quite often when they do blow
flickering headlights but not too often.
boot lid that always takes at least 2 attempts to shut
rear doors leaking (common problem so i'm told)
latest problem is slack front seatbelts.they do seem to lock when tugged but sometimes hang around your chest like a dead snake.
The car was recently in the dealer for a misfire which for some reason caused the traction control warning light to come on but they have swapped 2 injectors over and blamed air entering from around the injectors.hasn't happened since-touch wood.
Maybe someone can clear up the age old question about timing belt frequency.I have been told 3 different mileages 55000,60000 and the latest 95000.Apparently it all depends on the age of your car and mine falls into the after 02 category so is 95000 miles.All these different figures have come from 3 seperate skoda dealers so not sure whats going on there.
Hope that helps.i'm in two minds as to whether to keep the car or sell it on which i don't want to do as i actually love driving it when all is ok
2001 1.9TDi Electrical problems ?? Please help. - WorkshopTech
Officially its 60k miles up to July 2003, and 75k miles Aug 03 onwards. You can in theory leave the tensioner ultil 150k, but we change them with the belt. We also suggest to the customer a change of waterpump. Use ContiTech belt kit and brand new OE-spec waterpump from the likes of ECP. You;ll also need G12 antufreezw and recommend renewing the serpentine belt at the same time (it has to come off anyway).

You faults are easy to fix.
Coolant sensor corrodes a bit so clean it up or replace and it will be OK.
Look for dirtry contact in bulb holder and use a bit of contact lube to keep it clean, check bulb contact as well.
Flickering headlamp couble be slightly weak battery,
Adjust book latch pin.
Rear door leaking is easy to fix with a tube of silicone,
seatbelt may need replacement, but trying pullall the way out, firmly and slowly allow to retract.
2001 1.9TDi Electrical problems ?? Please help. - martincumbria

my skoda fabia is a 2004 1.9tdi

my power steering light comes on and power steering loses power and its always when i start the car up after driving 10 minutes its fine.

i have no flickering lights, does it mean its only the sensor then? or not?



Value my car