Fog Lights - Andy Payne
Why do some drivers insist on using their front fog lights when there is no fog, is this a new macho thing? I find it really irritating and I beleive it's against the law.
Re: Fog Lights - Derek
Yup, it's macho. It's a 'get out of my way' message - or possibly I-can-afford more-toys message. Big kids, really.

On the other hand, I find drivers who forget to turn the rears off just as annoying.
Re: Fog Lights - Jon
Sorry but its probably me with the rear light on.

My kids press the button when I'm not looking (when the car is stationary) and then the next time I use the lights the rear fog comes on.

In my escort the button (and indicator light) is behind the streering wheel so there is no way of knowing the light is on until someone flashes me (with their lights).
Re: Fog Lights - Charles
Just about every car ad has a car going along with front fogs on in clear conditions. Why aren't the VM's told by the ASA that they are breaking the law/ making it look acceptable to cruise round with rarely necessary front fogs on. I doubt the anti speed fraternity even realise this point!
Re: Fog Lights - Martin
Good point... will you write the letter of complaint to the ASA or shall I?
On this subject, do you remember ad with the chap about to drive off with his windscreen de-iced but the side windows covered in snow?

Re: Fog Lights - The Growler
The world over...if it's something that can be switched on it will be by persons who are frequently lacking in the trouser department. Where I live they love to do this. Doubtless there is a connection between this king of "look-at-me" behavior and the sale of large bore exhaust outlets.
Re: Fog Lights - Paul
I let them pass and then put main beam on, but only if I won't dazzle any oncoming traffic. If in front of me with rear fogs on I do the same.
Re: Fog Lights - Mark (Brazil)
> I let them pass and then put main beam on, but only if I
> won't dazzle any oncoming traffic. If in front of me with
> rear fogs on I do the same.

Here the "in" thing is to have your main lights on parking lights only, or side lights, and then have the fog lights on. Apparantly its cool.

As for flashing them or putting your lights on main beam, there is *NO* chance they will ever relate the two events.
Re: Fog Lights - Lee H
I'm afraid I do the same thing with the main beam....

it's just occurred to me however that it may be the reason they do it....

Hey I'm cool with these unnecessary lights...excellent, I'm affecting the driving of that poor blinded driver who's flashing me....

But what else can you do? It's so annoying that it should be discouraged.

Re: Fog Lights & full beam - Derek
And of course, there are the people driving on motorways who appear to be on full beam headlamps. I don't know if that's actual full beam or something wrong with headlamp adjustment. Trouble is, the real nuisances are behind you, and you can't flash backwards.
Re: Fog Lights & full beam - John Davis
My method Derek is to draw the electrically operated rear curtains on my Toyota Masterace. These simpletons, who "must" go along with any fad which happens to be in fashion, always seem to drive up to you, at speed, to try to burn the paint off the back of any vehicle in front of them, with their, around, 250/300 watts of lamp power, power which, incidentally, is inversly proportional to that of their brains. I get some satisfaction in thinking that my curtain drawing annoys them a little (I KNOW, it's a bit petty) but, the next move might be a two word message on the two superbly functioning concertina type curtains. The word on the offside curtain might be "off" but, the word on the nearside won't be "switch".
Re: Fog Lights & full beam - Mark (Brazil)
> The word
> on the offside curtain might be "off" but, the word on the
> nearside won't be "switch".

A guy I know in Argentina has these, and he stuck that "mirror-paper" on them. The stuff which is highly reflective but comes on an adhesive roll about 18inches wide.

Seems to work, at least insofar as it annoys the person with the foglights.
Re: Fog Lights - me
r u sure they are not driving lights ?
Re: Fog Lights - Martin
Driving lights? Which planet are you on? They are front fog lights, whatever your manual says.
Are you a 'fog light fashion victim'?
Sorry to be (a bit) rude, but I find these lights dazzling. Especially the Renault Laguna, whose sideways beams also seem to angle up.
You should only use such lights when visibility is severely restricted and certainly not when in heavy traffic.
Re: Fog Lights - Stuart B
Arrgh, missed the driving lights comment from "me"!

Martin's right, its also an offence to use your lights in any way which causes distraction to another driver. That includes front & rear lights of any description be they head, driving, fog, whatever, and also includes sitting in traffic with your foot on the brake as you are too flaming idle to pull the parking/hand brake on. Automatic drivers please note.

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