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Vauxhall Cavalier sluggishness - Jason
Hi All,

Apologies if this thread has already been discussed.
I have a 1995 M-reg Cavalier V6 which is sluggish and thirsty(even more than normal!). Local main dealer Garage have not identified anything yet but it has definately undergone some degradation. If anyone has any experience of these vehicles or known problems with them then info would be great.

Other than its current malaise I have always enjoyed the car.

Thanks in anticipation
from Jason
Re: Vauxhall Cavalier sluggishness - Andrew Wills
got one, too (auto) - wonderful engine, but (according to trip computer) consumption goes down to 24ish on short runs, especially winter, but on more than 8-10 mile journey leaps to 30ish. When I do 300 mile return run to Devon occasionally, consumption subsequently improves to around 28-30 for next wek or so (back on short runs) .. pretty good for that performance, I reckon.
Re: Vauxhall Cavalier sluggishness - Honest John
A cat core might have disintegrated and be partially blocking the exhaust system.

Re: Vauxhall Cavalier sluggishness - Jason
Thanks for the reply,

The car is due for service shortly. If I requested, would a failure like this be detectable by them?

BTW, In general, what sort of price should I be expecting for a replacement catalyst for a Cavalier V6. Should I use genuine Vauxhall parts for thisngs like exhausts, catalysts or are they a rip off?

Thanks in anticipation
from Jason
Re: Vauxhall Cavalier sluggishness - Andrew Wills

very interested in your reply - wld (or shld) disintegrated cat core always show up in MoT cat test?
and wld it show up in any other form, apart from worsening consumption?

Vauxhall Cavalier sluggishness - David Lacey
Rattling exhaust? That would be a clue to a broken catalyst.
If the honeycomb were melted, then it would no longer function as a catalyst.
Therefore it would fail an MOT test

Catalyst testing - David Lacey
Melted cat cores would be detectable by a catalyst back pressure test or by close visual inspection. Expect to pay about an hours labour or so for this to be carried out.
Unless the Vauxhall catalyst is reasonably priced, try a direct fit aftermarket part from
We use them and report no problems at all. All catalysts even come with gaskets and new bolts required to fit.


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