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location of Clio coolant temp sensor - MalcolmA
I have a 2002 1.4 16V clio this is exhibiting all the problems that I have read about elsewhere in this forum which are resolved by replacing the coolant temperature sensor - namely uneven running for the first few minutes when the engine is totally cold, but thereafter all is well until the engine cools down overnight.

But - where do I find this sensor - what colour are the leads connected to it? I have a Haynes manual covering all models up to 2001, but the layout for this newer engine has changed enough to make this manual useless.
location of Clio coolant temp sensor - Civic8
I dont know the clio. but would expect to find sensor close to top hose where it connects to head. hope that helps?
Was mech1
location of Clio coolant temp sensor - MalcolmA
Thanks - there is a sensor there, difficult to get to the pins to measure the resistance - but I will manage somehow - if the worst comes I will take the sensor out, but that means draining some coolant

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