I still want to know....... - ROBIN
how to disconnect the ludicrous and unecessary E.G.R system on the HDi 110 engine in my Xsara wagon.
Since this- not very large- car seems to need to weigh as much as some Granadas it needs all the help it can get.
Re: I still want to know....... - John Davis
Robin, I am not conversant with this engine but, somewhere around the inlet manifold there will be a vacuum or electrically operated valve which allows the EG re-circulation at the lower revs. Others, no doubt, can comment on any problems in dis-connecting this device but, if you do it, it's as well to have the manifold off because it will be well sooted up and a good clean should enhance the air flow.
Re: I still want to know....... - ROBIN
I've found the valve,how do disable it though?
If you could see the installation in question you would rather adjust the tappets on the QE2 than take the manifold off!

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