Fiat Panda Selecta - dick_trident
Hello, I need to change the gearbox oil in my Panda Selecta, the CVT automatic box, and have not had much success in tracking down the oil. Apparently you can use Dexron for topping up but not for refilling. The Fiat agents weren't very helpful but told me I should use Tuvala CVT oil but they couldn't get it and I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? Also the manual says the filter should be replaced but according to the agents, this is over £60. Do I really need to replace it? The car has done 111,000 miles and seems to be working very well.
Any help gratefully received.
Fiat Panda Selecta - Fireman
I have a panda selecta, and i got both the filter and fluid done at the main dealer. When you consider that it only need to be done every 40,000 miles, its worth paying the extra. Also dont forget that if your doing this yourself, you need to keep the area as clean as possible :)
Fiat Panda Selecta - Fireman
sorry, i didnt realise how old this thread was :o
Fiat Panda Selecta - aaflyer
Are you sure it's 'Tuvala' and not Tutela. See link below. This will direct you to CVT Transmission Fluid, direct from suppliers!


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