Daewoo prices - Dan J
Can someone explain to me what is going on here:

Price of a new Daewoo Leganza (Mondeo sized approx) 2.0SX as far as Daewoo is concerned: £12,495

As far as Fords of Winsford are concerned (and several similar retailers) £8.100 for the same spec, BRAND NEW car.

There is a difference here of over 4 grand - what the hell is going on? I can only think Daewoo are taking the pee somewhere along the line. HJ commented recently that Daewoo were bringing in Matiz's for £1,750. Who'd buy a car straight from Daewoo when it can be bought so much cheaper elsewhere. Also it must have a horrific effect on used values of 1-2 year old Daewoos...

Can the Joe Public Esq. buy these cars direct from the importers at these ridiculously low prices?
Re: Daewoo prices - T lucas
If you want one why not buy from Fords of Winsford?If your concerned about residuals dont buy from Daewoo UK,obvious really.
Re: Daewoo prices - DIESEL DAVE

These cars are cheap tat at the end of the day, if you're hell bent on getting behind the wheel of one then go for one from Ford's of Winsford, But 8 grand could buy you a Nearly New Mondeo / Passat / Pug 406 which will be much more satisfying to drive & own.

Someone on here got a brand new Bora for 8 grand I recall.
Daewoo prices - David Lacey
Who the hell in their right mind would want a Daewoo Leganza anyway????

I, for one, would rather have a Mundano than this......


Re: Daewoo prices - Tomo
We had a Leganza for the better half's transport and other boring things. Well, it was nothing to drive; but it had everything (except cruise control. I fell out with them about that!), everything worked and passengers were very comfortable and happy - probably enjoying my arguments with the satnav.

Our daughter and son-in-law have happily had a Matiz for coming up to three years; Daewoo replaced the wheels for a bit of corrosion WITHOUT BEING ASKED! It handles quite well, curiously. Needs a turbo for me, to drive the aircon. And his parents replaced their Nexia with the later equivalent, name escapes me at the moment

So if you can get a Daewoo at a keen price, don't dismiss it out of hand. And, dare I say, some models are ideal for mimsers!
Re: Daewoo prices - ladas are cool
its best to try and get the top spec one, as you get all the features you can think of, and it has leather. also think about the nubira CDXI, which is a saloon or estate. other cars that can be bought cheap from car supermarkets are - all kia's, all proton's, and i have seen new shape mondeo's go for £8000 at motorcity.
Re: Daewoo prices - andy bairsto
Daewoo went bancrupt and the importers did good deals to get rid of their stock they even have them as an item in certain German supermarkets(food)nearly all the agencies have closed.I would be very wary about buying one any savings will be wiped out with massive depreciation
Re: Daewoo prices - FfwlCymraeg
Just looked at Daewoo's web site.

The sat nav costs an extra £1500, though it came as standard in my toyota avensis GS spec.

Thta looks a better deal than the Daewoo and though the name may not carry much cachet, it carries more of it than the Daewoo name!

All IMHO of course!

FfwlCymraeg, loves gadgets
Re: Daewoo prices - Tomo
"The satnav costs £1500 extra". Well, in a way it did, I suppose, because we had the CDXe which cost a bit more than the CDX, but there were other "goodies" like leather and climate control standard in the package.

If you look at the Maserati 3200GT, also styled by Giugiaro, you might feel it looked like a Leganza coupe. I trust it handles better. As does Proton GTi, while remaining comfortable, and easier to park.

We knock Koreans and one or two others now. We used to knock the Japs the same way!
Re: Daewoo prices - FfwlCymraeg
I'm not knocking the koreans, I have just seen the new Hyundai Coupe.

Wow, a great car.

And for Mondeo money too.

I know which one I would prefer.

And that's the Hyundai in case you think I am being sarcastic.

With a min 2.0 engine!

Re: Daewoo prices - Honest John
Landed for £1,750 doesn't mean the cars could be sold for this. First add Euroean import duty of 10%, then add UK VAT of 17.5%, then add registratiuon tax and VED, PDI costs, warranty costs, etc. The daft thing is, the public likes the Matiz because it's tiny and cute and it's the only Daewoo which holds its price. So demand has ensured that prices start at £6,000. Buy a pair of good spectacle frames and you pay £100 for something that cost about £5 to make. Buy a piece of jewellery and the margin on that is several thousand percent. So the margin on cars for the stocking investment required is not that great. What hurts is the amount in pounds.


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