Replacement tyres - Andrew Griffiths
I own a 96N Micra 1.0 S, which currently has Dunlop SP Sport D8 175/60 R13 H tyres (pity my car can't do the 130 m.p.h. the tyres are rated at!!!), which may need replacing early next year. I know that the car can take the 155/70 R13 S/T type, but am unsure which type to replace the main set of four. The spare is the same type as the other four and has not been used as yet.

I have noticed the large price difference between these types of tyre, and would prefer to go for the 155/70 R13 S/T type. Is it safe to go for them as I would have to use the 175/60 spare if one of the new ones suffered a puncture?

Any comments about which makes to look at are welcome. Please note I will be only using the car for private use (say approx 2000 -3000 miles per year max.) and would like tyres that give a comfortable (and quiet?) ride with reasonable handling characteristics and wear rates.


Andrew Griffiths
Re: Replacement tyres - David W

Your Micra could seem a little over-tyred but I wonder if this was the standard size from new. If so there is an insurance implication in reducing the spec of the car in the way you propose.

175/60x13 isn't an expensive size if you shop around and it will make the car feel more stable to keep to the larger size.

Re: Replacement tyres - Andrew Tarr
(Lots of Andrews contributing here!) Comment 1 - 91H 205 D-turbo came with V-rated tyres which all did 50K miles with judicious rotation. Replaced all 4 with a set of standard Michelin Classics. Although I suppose an awkward insurance company might quibble, I don't think the car is capable of the max.speed for the standard tyres (which also look like doing 50 or 60K miles). I think the point is that all 4 tyres have the same speed rating.

Comment 2 - If the Micra spare has not been touched since the car was new it is likely to be deteriorating already and it may be safer to leave it in the cradle and replace the worn ones. Bit of a waste, but too late now!
Re: Replacement tyres - Andy P
When this last cropped up on my '89 Cavalier, I checked with the insurance company about replacing V rated with H rated tyres. They said that since the car was manufactured with V rated, then they should be replaced with the same tyre rating.

Re: Replacement tyres - John Slaughter

Yes, it's wise to stick with the original spec. to avoid potential problems with insurance. Although the car may appear to be overtyred, it is likely that the behavior of the OE tyre is better matched to the suspension etc, and so a change of size and/or speed rating may compromise handling or braking.

Re: Replacement tyres - Andrew Griffiths
Thanks for the comments so far.

I have checked on other Micras and many (new included) have the 155/70 R13 S/T type. The 1.0 S is the same as all the other 1 litre versions in terms of set up (mine does not have alloy wheels, if you are wondering). As I bought the car when it was two years old, I am not sure if the tyres were the originals, although it seems likely that they were.

It seems as though the type of tyre for the Micra has changed from year to year - maybe due to Nissan changing their supplier?

A last note - is it cheaper (and do you get a good standard of service) to have them changed at say 'Kwik-fit' (or similar) or change them at the service time (in my case, Jan 2002)?
Re: Replacement tyres - Andrew Tarr
Andrew - me again. I have always had good service from local ATS, but I should think it depends on the commitment of the manager as much as anything else. What is certain is that it pays to shop around, as there can be huge price variations for the same tyre.

Incidentally the difficulty of getting hold of a set of tyres exactly matching original spec. can be a strong deterrent, never mind price!

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