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In September this year my wife bought a silver Yaris Verso GLS Automatic from Trade Sales in Slough. I checked it very carefully and it was to full UK GLS spec. The car was imported from Belgium and there were a number of similar models at the delivery centre.

I eventually got the Vehicle Registration Document(V5) which showed it as a grey, 3 door CDX. ? the model is not produced in 3 door and the CDX version went out some time ago. However it also showed the CO2 emission as 167 G/KM which puts it into Band C. The Toyota Brochure and Website and DVLA website all show the emission as 165G/KM and in Band B. e.g £20 lower RFL

DVLA have changed the V5 to a silver 5 door GLS but have refused to change the CO2 figure and it remains in Band C. Trade Sales have sent me the Belgian Type Approval Certificate which shows it to be 167 G/KM.

I have spoken to Toyota UK who confirm that all RHD cars imported to Europe have the same specification engine; but they refuse to get involved.

I expect everyone else who has imported a Yaris from Belgium - where most come from - has a similar problem. It could apply to other makes and models as well.

Any ideas how I can take this forward?


Bob H
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If your only problem is £20 RFL,then you must lead a very charmed life.Remember why you went to Trade Sales and not your local Toyota dealer,you cannot expect the same level of service.
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I have personally imported several CDX Yaris's from a Main Dealer in Ostend Belgium by means of UK Spec. Factory Order, followed by the standard 4 and a half month wait. The spec's were perfect except for the"CDX" badges near the door mirrors (cost £6.18p). I also had to order an English version of the service book from my local dealer (£5.00). The paperwork was accurate and the sevice received from the dealer in Belgium is good too. My understanding is that Trade Sales and Motorpoint's cars can be sourced from all over the world and are not absolutely guaranteed to be UK spec, although many are, and they're usually pretty cheap, and with Toyota, you get a Makers 3 yr, warranty, and you don't have to wait 4 and a half months. So I think you've been a bit unlucky to have the hassle, but the £20 a year isn't the end of the world.
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Forgot to add that all the Belgian Yaris's, and another bought from Holland, had correct emissions classification.

Belgium isn't the only country of import - Ireland and Holland are popular sources too.
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With regard to V5s coming back with errors,i seem to get just about every car that we register has different details on it to what we put on the V55/5 first reg doc.Are the people at Swansea just so bored that they make up amusing details for the V5?I recently registered a 1996 Toyota Lucida,the V5 came back as Toyota Previa 2.2 CDX new at first registration,1st registered 1/8/01,where did those details come from?I certainly did not enter that on the V55/5.
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I suprised people pay all this money for a polish built car
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issue a small claims summons for 20 quid against the dvla, it'll cost you buttons to do this...

it will force them to put a solictor in court, and will force them to radically look through the details of the case... cos they wont wnat to be wrong in fron of a judge...

with a type approval certificate it would seem you have pretty sound eveidence... and it would be interesting to see what their defence is...

it'll cost you about 10 or 20 % of the amount you claim so say 2 to 4 quid... (which you'll get back when they back down)...
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Do you have a type approval cert or a certificate of conformity? The C.O.C. certainly has the figure on it - expressed as ......CO2 in g/km. (in the case of a 1.3 Yaris Hatchback for example, it's 160).
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That figure's for the Auto. The manual's 144. The Verso Manual should be 154 and the Auto Verso - 165.
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It is an Auto Verso and it is an:-

"Toyota EEG Certificaat van overeenstemming voor complete voertuigen"

I assume that must be the COC. It is dated 11/05/2001 and is the document used by DVLA at Reading to register the car. (it has their stamp on it together with my VRN)

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Bob, Yes, the Certificaat van etc...... is the Certificate of Conformity (COC). If you look at the "Maximumsnelheid" (on mine it's point 44 just above "Uitlaatemissies") you'll see the figure in question. It's in km/u.
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If "Maximumsnelheid" is not top speed then I'me a Dutchman.

Ruud van Hoogestraten
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I bow to your advantage on that completely. I was wrong. It just happens that the speed figure 160 figure is the same as the emissions figure. The correct point on the COC is '46' - Co2 and is in g/km Sorry.
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To the best of my knowledge, they're not Polish built. Up till this year they were made in Japan and now in France. Certainly this is so with H/Back.
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According to Toyota(UK) all Yaris Versos are built in Japan. I was told by Toyota(UK) that only the 1.0 Hatchback is made in France - the others in Japan.

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