VW Passat Bee Sting Aerial - Negger
Hi, I have a damaged base to an OE beesting aerial. I have bought a non-OE replacement, which has different co-axial fittings! I've since been told that the VW base unit has a built in amplifier and without it the Sony Radio wont work properly. I've been quoted £65 by my local VW agent for a replacement! Has anyone any experience of fitting non OE aerials as replacements, Do they work properly ? and what about the adaptors to fit the replacement aerial to the VW jack plug ?
Any advice appreciated. Thank you
VW Passat Bee Sting Aerial - Negger
I've had conflicting advice re: replacement aerial for 95 Passat . Some say the original has built in amplifier, How can you tell ? Will in line signal booster compensate when fitting non OE replacement ?
Many Thanks
VW Passat Bee Sting Aerial - JohnPug
Just found this after a quick 'Google'


Comes with a built-in amp as well.
VW Passat Bee Sting Aerial - Stuartli
A forum member stated recently that he had discovered that the Renault bee-sting aerial equivalent was the same as the VW and was also a lot cheaper.
VW Passat Bee Sting Aerial - Ian D
Eurocarparts sell Hella ones, which I think are the OE suppliers, may be worth trying them...
VW Passat Bee Sting Aerial - Negger
Many thanks for your replies. John, Europarts do replacement masts, but not the base unit, Stuart - useful, will investigate this further, John - looks ideal - had already searched myself and came up blank! so thankyou for trying as well!!
VW Passat Bee Sting Aerial - Stuartli
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