Nissan Serena? - robert
Top gear described this as an aweful car some years "even Nissan dealers dislike them!".

Comments please ......
Re: Nissan Serena? - Ian Cook
Never driven one, but Diesel Car magazine didn't think much of it, mainly because of its origin as a van. Low geared, very noisy, relatively thirsty, and slowish. I quote their test figures for 2 models:

2.0D SLX (1993). 67bhp, 0-60 in 24.3 sec, top speed 84mph, 32.5mpg (test).

2.3D LX (1995). 75bhp, 0-60 in 24.1 sec, top speed 84mph, 29.4mpg (test).

The spec for the current model has the same 2283cc engine as the 1995 model. Both engine sizes are indirect injection tractor lumps.

Says it all really, doesn't it?

Re: Nissan Serena? - Honest John
Driving one of these awful things is like the feeling you get in an old fluid flywheel bus. It's not only desperately slow, but it has a peculiar to and fro jerking motion as if the driveshaft has metallastic couplings.

Re: Nissan Serena? - robert
So, you don't like them then? tee hee
Re: Nissan Serena? - DIESEL DAVE
I once hired one to transport a band and their paraphinalia to a gig - it was supposed to be an 8 seater, Ha Ha Ha it was Bleeding awful, the only redeeming feature I can think of was a nice high driving position. Avoid like the plague !
Re: Nissan Serena? - T lucas
I have sold many MPVs over the years and i usually like any of the Jap offerings,but the diesel Serena is just dire but they are reliable.
Re: Nissan Serena? - pete
hmmm.., nobody likes them then. can't speak for the current dog slow diesels, but my dad had one several years ago - company car, either this or a rover 600. With a family of five, a tough choice. On spec it was quite impressive. One could even impress people with a description - mid engined, rear wheel drive, IRS, 2l 16 valve, DOHC. And as nobody knew what it was, even the name went without jeers. Anyway, it wasn't bad. Easily took 5 people and luggage for trips to Spain, where it gets odd looks because it has seats. Out there they are all vans. Bit of a hoot to drive, sitting way up high, low gearing, and looking like a van. Economy was lousy, but improved to 30+ mpg after a service at a different dealer, wouldn,t start once (frayed engine earth strap). Dead useful seats fold right out of the way, handling far improved with several bags of cement/fat blokes in the back. Way under-rated i think. But you'd be mad to by the thing new, or a diesel, or the 1.6. Unless the price is a big thing i suppose. Still, i've never driven anything else that has as comfy a driving position as it.
Re: Nissan Serena? - ROBIN
Used one in Ireland on a fishing trip some years ago.Possibly the worst 2wd vehicle I've driven in years.Not even roomy.
Sequel was that they seemed to be fetching amazingly high prices when a batch went through an auction earlier this year.Not as high as Sharalxys,but they were just surreal,like 2k back of book jobs not making reserve at book money!

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