Motorway Driving - Timmy
Some weeks ago HJ commented in a thread about the difficulty in seeing past vans when you are stuck behind them. I can't find it in search but I seem to remember he got flak about his comment.

I find that in a normal driving conditions you can see the brake lights coming on way ahead and you have prior warning of traffic slowing. When stuck behind a van you react only to his slowing down.

Given that one of the best pieces of legislation in recent years was to ban HGVs from the outside lane, shouldn't the Government consider extending this to Vans, People Carriers and Range Rover type vehicles?

With tongue firmly in cheek

Re: Motorway Driving - Brian
Remove tongue from cheek.

You're right.
Re: Motorway Driving - Independent Observer
Seeing that most of their drivers learnt in Metros or Corsas, and that most 4x4's don't have crumple zones, but do have chassis that ride over ordinary cars, and they are all bigger, heavier, poorer handling, etc, etc, shouldn't you need a special licence to drive them?

And be limited to say 60, or 20 in town, especially if armed with bull bars!
Re: Motorway Driving - Colin M
Road tax up to £500 on them, that would soon have people back in sensible cars. I also think the move away from company cars is a good idea, if people are driving their own pride and joy paid for with their own hard earned, then we might see a move back towards courteous driving and care for their own vehicles.

Oh, and a big spike sticking out of the steering wheel!

Bull Bars - ian (cape town)
Horrible things, Bull Bars!
If you are doing some off-roading, or driving in country areas where there is a danger of hitting wild animals, they make sense.
(I trashed the front end of a previous car when an alsation-sized deer leapt from the bush on the side of the road - these things happen in Africa - but I can't perceive a use for them on motorway and suburban British driving)
Just plain dangerous...
Re: Taxing cars - Kev
Why dont we tax cars on their weight rather than emmisions. As a heavy car is always going to be less efficiant. This will also promote smaller and lighter cars, and take away this hideous craze for 4x4s, which have very little use in todays society. Also, it will stop dealers loading up cars with silly expensive heavy gadgets, and use lighter materials, step forward and bow Audi A2.

I think that if people want bull bars on their cars they should pay a stupendous ammount of money into an account, so if they ever kill/seriously injure someone due to having bull bars, they would be able to compensate them/their family.

Sorry I cant help about original point Timmy


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