Toyota Supra - Stuart
I have an old but very nice Toyota Supra. The timing belt will be due for change soon. I am being quoted (by a Toyota main delaer) £30 for the belt and £150 for fitting (all plus VAT). The labour charge seems excessive to me. Is there really that much work involved?
Re: Toyota Supra - Michael Thomas
Doesn't sound too bad, a timing belt change is a big job. Try owning a car that has two !!!!!
Re: Toyota Supra - David W

Depending on your engine and spec you'll be looking at nearly three hours for this, hence the £150 labour. There is the element of care in timing your cams, lots of cooling system gubbins has to come off (including the radiator on some versions) and the crank pulley can be a devil to remove.

Yes it would be cheaper at an independent but the job doesn't want bodging!

Re: Toyota Supra - peter
I dont know the Toyota range too well but does this share any parts in common with the Celica GT Engine? If it does there is an established problem with the hydraulic belt tensioner/damper, which will probably need to be changed as well. Not cheap! From what I remember seeing, the body developes a hairline crack and can loose fluid/ pressure.
Re: Toyota Supra - Tomo
I would agree that the price seems reasonable, whichever Supra model is in question. I can't think of too much in common between whatever Supra and whatever Celica, the former being in line sixes and the latter fours, transverse in more recent years.

Toyota agents seem good about older models, (can I give a plug for Struan who have always been good to me?) but no harm in joining Toyota Enthusiasts Club. There are quite a lot of cheaper spares to be had, and plenty of advice.

See club directory on this site.

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