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Hi all,

Both rear door courtesy light switches have gummed up on my Octavia, and the remedy seems to be to replace the entire latch assembly at some £100+ per side, as the switch is incorporated into it and is non-repairable/replaceable. By a process of elimination (turn inside light on, wait 10 minutes for it to go out, open door, see if it comes back on) it's apparent that the front doors still activate it correctly.

Is it possible to just snip the wires near the door pillar connectors to effectively remove the rear switches from the equation? What is the position of the switches with the door shut, ie are the switches open or closed? Therefore would I need to leave the wire unattached or would I need to earth it? And most importantly, what colour are the courtesy light wires at their point of entry into the doors?

I don't want to snip the wrong wire and risk, for example, irreversible deadlocking of the door in question. But I don't mind cutting the correct wire as a permanent solution, after all the car has very nearly covered the same distance as that from here to the moon.


Dave TD.

Skoda Octavia courtesy light wiring - Cyd
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Just so happens I've just come back from Broses Czech factory!! Brose make the latch.

I've set my profile so you can read my email - I'll leave it like that for 24hrs. Contact me outside and I'll see what I can do to help.

Skoda Octavia courtesy light wiring - Dave_TD
Hi Cyd,

Just got in from work (well it is Friday night!), I can't see your e-mail on your profile, I'm assuming you took it off there last thing. Please e-mail me, put "HJ" in the subject line and I'll pick it up no problem.



BTW I can't get broadband activated for another week, once that's up and running I'll be back to my old self. :-)
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Welcome back DTD

Hope you solve the car problem and stay around


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Skoda Octavia courtesy light wiring - Big John
I have recentley fitted an alarm to my Octavia classic and I know beleive it does not have door switches, it has sensors that feed the CPU, the CPU then decides to fade the light in or out depending on the position of the doors / ignition switch. It was very difficult to find a suitable door open feed for the alarm. In the end I put a relay between the wires feeding the light (not to earth etc..) .
The door sensor is not in the door but near the sill where the door closes(black plastic hole), it seems to be operated by what I presume is some sort of magnetised metal fitted to the bottom of the door. If you remove the plastic trim panels at each side of the front footwells you will find different colour electrical connectors, one of these is connected to the sensors, you can see the pulse using a multimeter as you open /shut the door.

The wires from the door locks seem to be related to the central /dead locking, dont lock yourself out!

Bring back good old fashion switches!

Have the rear door plastic "hole" become full of dirt?


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