Fiat Multipla Safety runaround? - Barry Johns

I am considering a new Multipla but noticed in a motoring magazine (shown to me by a Fiat dealer) that the car did 'badly' in a recent EuroNCAP safetytest.
The article and the EuroNCAP website both said that Fiat had responded by announcing 'significant structural improvements' for all new Multiplas.
Can I get Fiat or any dealer to give me more info - no way. I asked for more details of when these imrpovements were to be included and how I could be sure I bought one with them on. Several Fiat departments in the UK and Italy say they don't know and to contact my local dealer who has the right contacts with - 'Fiat'! Of the dealers that can be bothered to respond (1 so far out of 3) the response is either there is no information or, laughably, contact Fiat direct!

Anyone know the answers?
Re: Fiat Multipla Safety runaround? - mark ansell
Can you honestly live with this disgusting looking vehicle. Practical maybe but what about your own credibility? I really can't see this thing becoming a 'cult' car.
Re: Fiat Multipla Safety runaround? - Mark (Brazil)
I think there is some confusion or cross-lines. Here is a recent article. I know you probably don't speak spanish. so I translated it below. I included the original article in case anybody doutbs my translation.


El pasado mes de marzo EuroNCAP publicó los resultados de las pruebas correspondientes al segmento de monovolúmenes compactos, el cual incluyó: Nissan Almera Tino, Renault Scenic, Citroën Xsara Picasso, Mazda Premacy y Mitsubishi Space Star.

En aquel momento se pospuso la publicación de los resultados del Fiat Multipla y del Opel Zafira, los cuales estaban siendo modificados por sus fabricantes. Ahora EuroNCAP completa este pujante segmento con el Multipla y el Zafira , que obtienen en ambos casos tres de las cinco estrellas disponibles.


Last March EuroNCAP published the results of the tests corresponding to Compact Multi-people carriers; which included: Nissan Almera Tino, Renault Scenic, Citroën Xsara Picasso, Mazda Premacy and Mitsubishi Space Star.

At that time the publication of the results of the Fiat Multipla and the Opel Zafira was posponed since their manufacturers advised that they were both being modified. Now EuroNCAP has completed this major part with the Multipla and the Zafira, and they both obtain three of five stars available.

You'll need someone else to tell you whether 3 from 5 is good, and also how to detect the manufacture date of the vehicle.
Re: Fiat Multipla Safety runaround? - Mark (Brazil)
I should have said, apparantly the test was completed June 01, so I guess a car would have to be made newer than that to include the improvements.

Assuming this to be accurate, HJ should be able to give some idea of how long it takes a Multipla to get from the factory to the showroom, allowing you to be sure.

Also, so you can judge the credibility or not of the article, here is the address..

Please tell me you don't want the whole article translated !!

What I couldn't find was exactly what the improvements were.
Re: Fiat Multipla Safety runaround? - Barry Johns

Thanks everyone for posting replies. It just shows that the Multipla dos in fact generate opinion. I suppose I agree with those that say credibility is partly to do with embracing the future rather than following the past.

Not sure I'll say the same when/if I start to drive one though!

Thanks especially to Mark for the article reference. I have seen some of this before and I believe it says that Fiat still said they would imrpove safety by 'significant' changes aftrer 'only' gaining 3 stars.

What I still can't find out is when and what.

Re: Fiat Multipla Safety runaround? - Cockle
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
At least it turns heads and doesn't look like every other identi-car on the road. Brave move by FIAT.
Re: Fiat Multipla Safety runaround? - David W
If they made it in 4WD with a Citroen TD engine.........heaven.

Re: Fiat Multipla Safety runaround? - dafydd tomos
the fiat td engine is pretty good. I've had a multipla for four months and been v. pleased. the car is fantastically versitile and great to drive.
Re: Fiat Multipla Safety runaround? - THe Growler
I have to say I like my cars to look like cars and not something doodled by the apprentice on the back of an envelope while the boss was out to lunch. Soomeone in Fiat is probably having a good laugh at all the people it has fooled into thinking this is something special.

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