How can side airbag activate w/o impact? - ATLging
My side air bag activated while starting the ignition, while stationary and in park. This was the driver's side air bag. Door part way open. No indicator lights on dashboard stating something was wrong with the car. Air bag went off and burned bruised my daughter who was driving my car.

Am reading on safety sensor and impact sensors - trying to find out how this could have happened. Could my electrical system have made this malfuntion?

How could have this car initiated the activation of my airbag? This is a Mazda Millenia - 2002. Shop foreman at Mazda says so far that nothing shows to why the airbag went off (car still at the shop).

Car had a minor collision in front - 1-1/2 years ago - where they replaced bumper and hood. No airbags went off - car was going less than 5 miles an hour.
How can side airbag activate w/o impact? - Ivor E Tower
Previous crash has nothing to do with this - likely to be a computer fault. As well as crash sensors, there are "safing sensors" which provide additional "reference" information for computer to chek if car is moving and/or direction of impact.

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