Lost Driving Licence, - tone

Does anybody know how long it takes to replace a driving licence? spent most of last night looking for mine and i'm going away at the end of the month. Can you turn up and wait like passports or is their varying levels of speed depending on how much you pay?

I know i'll find it right after spending a day in swansea(?) or spending a fortune on quick replacements but i dont want to risk that


Lost Driving Licence, - tr7v8
Their is an emergency service if you either look on DVLAs website or ring them. I used it a few years ago when I lost mine just before I was hiring a van. Although their is also a number the hire co. can phone to get details.

Lost Driving Licence, - volvoman
Mrs V lost her photocard late last year. IIRC it took about a week to get the replacement. Of course if you're still using the old paper type you'll need to get a photocard licence now so that'll probably take longer. Better get on with it.
Lost Driving Licence, - Happy Blue!
exactly what happened to me. Took no time (well, a week) to get a new one as long as the lost one was a photocard.
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Lost Driving Licence, - martint123
And you can't just turn up at the passport offcie anymore.
Long wait for an emergency appointment.

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