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Esso diesel - Peugeots are splendid
I have a diesel powered 406 HDI and find that Esso fuel makes this car go much better than any other diesel. Why might this be ? and do peugeot throw all their cars together in such a slipshod way as they assembled mine ? it rattles like a set of spanners having a gang bang in a filing cabinet.
Re: Esso diesel - Andy Bairsto
I have a xm 2.5td and it is certainly well put together ,better than a ford or gm product.The fuel question answer is where was the fuel refined ,I always use Aral in Germany (along with a bit of cooking and bio diesel)due to the fact they are refiners and not just bulk buyers and sellers .Truck drivers not only fill up in mainland europe for price but for quality as well, some of the rubbish that passes for petrol and diesel in the uk its a wonder some vehicles ever reach there destination.example German refined petrol and diesel except 98 reaches the Eu directive on PPM emission tests. UK fuel does not and therefore does not escapes the new fuel tax.
Re: Esso diesel - Lee H
I recall taking a test drive in a 306, many moons ago, and asking the salesman why the 306 was so much more expensive than the ZX.

"It's better screwed together" he said.

This was timed nicely with stopping at a junction, and having the entire dashboard rattle in time with the engine.

"Really?" said I.

My Dad runs a 406, and has a problem with the rubber trim on the drivers window continually riding up. Not exactly a reason to get rid of the car, but does anyone else have the same problem or know how to fix it (this side of a tin of glue?). It's a 2.1 TD (not sure it's the HDI) and goes like stink on pretty much anything you feed it with.
Re: Esso diesel - Peugeots are rubbish
Oh Yes - I have exactly the same bother with my window, the garage just knock it back into place with a rubber mallet but it soon comes off again - it's only a W reg ! the door seals are always coming adrift too

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